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Calum's POV

*two days later*

Mali had finally returned my phone to me, with reluctance of course, making me promise not to spend too much time on it. "Not more than an hour a day" she said, but I just shrugged it off.

Right now, the blonde boy was recounting his phenomenal, as he described it, experience from the other day.

@lukehemmings: gosh Cal, they were so nice

@lukehemmings: i'm just so so so lucky to have met them

@lukehemmings: it's like a dream come true

@glitterbalz: im so happy for you babe, you deserve it :)

@lukehemmings: i wish you were there with me though :-(

Oh, but I was.

@glitterbalz: it's fine doll, i've met them once

@lukehemmings: just stick to babe okay

@glitterbalz: i'll call you anything i want princess ;)

@lukehemmings: okay, i'm just gonna ignore that

@lukehemmings: anyway

@lukehemmings: why have you never told me you've met them before

@glitterbalz: uh, surprise ? :)

@lukehemmings: you're lucky you're cute

@lukehemmings: uh your personality i mean

@lukehemmings: since somebody refuses to send me a selfie -.-

@glitterbalz: hey! It's for your own good okay

@glitterbalz: i don't want you to be blinded by my ugliness

@lukehemmings: beauty*

@glitterbalz: sure sure

@lukehemmings: you've gotta send me one so i can trust you completely man :-(

@glitterbalz: soon babe, soon

@lukehemmings: promise?

@glitterbalz: pinky promise

I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with him the day we met and decided to see if I could dig up anymore details about his school life.

@glitterbalz: babe

@glitterbalz: aren't you in school

@lukehemmings: yeah

@glitterbalz: then why are you texting me

I could tell he was hesitant because it took him a couple of minutes to reply.

@lukehemmings: i don't mix very well with the people there

@lukehemmings: camping out in the toilet helps when it becomes too overwhelming sometimes

@glitterbalz: why

@glitterbalz: they don't hurt you do they ?

@lukehemmings: well

@lukehemmings: most of the time they just call me names

@lukehemmings: occasionally they'll throw punches and kicks here and there

@lukehemmings: but don't worry, it's nothing i can't deal with :-)

@glitterbalz: i wish i could be there to protect you :/

@lukehemmings: it's fine cal

@lukehemmings: i'm happy when i talk to you

@glitterbalz: that's gotta be the sweetest thing you've ever said to me so far

@lukehemmings: you just ruined the mood dude

@glitterbalz: don't 'dude' me

@glitterbalz: i call you babe and all i get is a dude

@glitterbalz: it's equivalent to bro-zoning me :(

@lukehemmings: sorry pooh bear ily

@glitterbalz: hmmm pooh bear

@glitterbalz: i like it :)




~ chris xx

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