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Calum's POV

I yawned lazily as bright rays of sunlight peeked through the clear glass windows, as if urging me to get out of bed and start the day. I stretched my arms before snuggling further into the soft, comfortable bed sheets which haven't been used in about a year. It feels great to be home.

Once I had gathered enough strength, one of my eyes peeked open, wincing as I tried to adjust to the brightness of the room. As soon as my vision had cleared, I stared blankly at the empty space beside me, wishing that one day it would be occupied by my significant other.

Oh how I longed to wake up with someone wrapped in my arms, giving me cheeky morning kisses and telling me how important I am to him or her. Sure I've had a few flings here and there but none of them were serious relationships.

As cliche as it may sound, I feel like there's a missing puzzle piece from me. When Mike, Ash and I formed this band, I presumed that this feeling of emptiness would be fully eradicated as it had always been my dream to share my music with the world. I thought that this was my key to happiness.

However, after a while the adrenaline rush had died down and the feeling of being incomplete came back to haunt me.

As I left the comfort of my bed and headed down for a home cooked breakfast, I hoped that during this four-month break from tour, I would finally find someone to call mine.


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