BESIDE YOU | LH by Aismovingalong
Does anybody know what it's really like to be famous? *COMPLETED* (Under Editing- Sorry for spell mistakes or grammatical errors, will be fixed soon.) #301 for micheal...
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Come Home (calum hood au) by takecares
Come Home (calum hood au)by Yara Wang!
real life became stranger than my dreams ➟ in which calum recklessly drags an oblivious girl into his life, knowing it would only bring danger and caos to both of th...
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Myth  //  C.H.   by madisdad
Myth // C.H. by m a d d y
"Just tell me! I'm tired of being lied to!" I argued. "I'm a werewolf!" He yelled. But he can't be. Werewolves aren't real, they're a myth.
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Valentine / Calum Hood [✔️] by gothdolls
Valentine / Calum Hood [✔️]by title fright
We're classic together like Egyptian gold. [Book One] [COMPLETED]
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king but uncrowned ; cashton by aashthetic
king but uncrowned ; cashtonby h.
"Oh, Calum. I loved you so, so much. You were my king but uncrowned." or where ashton loved a boy called calum and calum loved a boy called ashton --- best ran...
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Strings Attached  (lashton) by stardustash
Strings Attached (lashton)by stardustash
Luke has a son with his ex-boyfriend Michael, Ashton is in college and can't get enough of Luke. College Student!ashton Father!luke
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let's start a band by honeyb16
let's start a bandby honeyb16
the story of a girl who makes a band with her bestfriends ... and maybe falls in love with one (or two)
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Friends With The Bad Boy by malumhotties
Friends With The Bad Boyby malumhotties
☆BadBoy Ashton☆
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Just A Game//lrh au by superabi09
Just A Game//lrh auby A.L Reids
"It's just a game, what harm could possibly be done?" I laughed as we sat around the living room. "You're just in it for the money, Hemmings." Calum...
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Tomorrow Never Dies (Moonlight 3) by FallOut_Paramore
Tomorrow Never Dies (Moonlight 3)by JetBlackSunshine
(5sos Werewolf AU) Since the events of The Moon Will Fall things have changed dramatically; the pack is now working side by side with hunters and relationships with them...
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Hate Me // Ashton Irwin (Completed) by leannejoyyy
Hate Me // Ashton Irwin (Completed)by leannejoyyy
*this book was edited and includes brand new content* It's one of the most overplayed storylines in the book; a kid gets transferred to a new town, or in my case countr...
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Executives//cth au by superabi09
Executives//cth auby A.L Reids
"Mr Hood, it's inevitable that such profits will drop." I sigh, looking at the file. "And what would you know about any of this, Ms Alvarado?" He rai...
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5sos stories and such by UriahHood
5sos stories and suchby uriah
I just write and I hope you enjoy🥳 Smut is indicated in the title with a '5" and triggers with a '2'
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Support- lashton by yeethaleyyeet
Support- lashtonby stargirl💫
"he leaked his own nudes" Formerly titled as "that one night" lashton au no side pairings no smut
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thantophobia//afi au • fin by superabi09
thantophobia//afi au • finby A.L Reids
def; the fear of dying/losing someone XXX "You're new." He said, but I stayed silent. "Why are you here?" "Because of thantophobia." I answ...
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5SOS Horoscopes by stormhood
5SOS Horoscopesby Michael 🥰
I will try my absolute best to try to accurately correlate the boys and you together. Other than that, pretty self explanatory. I will try for daily updates! None of the...
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confused / / lashton by Rxhh12
confused / / lashtonby rahmahh🌻
"So you're not gay, bisexual or straight?" Luke nodded. "Well then what are you?" Luke shrugged, "Confused." A story where a young teen nam...
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7-Eleven [Lashton AU] by iCheeseYou
7-Eleven [Lashton AU]by Max W. Ly
Ashton Irwin is a master of thievery. He steals from general stores, food markets, jewelry shops, museums, and people's homes. Never once did he get caught nor did anyon...
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Mermaid, merman same thing by monkster5000
Mermaid, merman same thingby Shannons love you
5sos are mermen and 4 girls find out those 4 girls are mermaids
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S*X SLAVE by Frogface_5sos
S*X SLAVEby skinny penis
what happens when a well known band, 5 seconds of summer, emails you seeing you needed a job, they don't tell you the description of the job but you're desperate and im...
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