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Calum's POV

I was currently lying on the bed all cuddled up in the soft sheets, drumming my fingers on my laptop as I waited patiently for the blonde to call me.

Finally, the notification that I had been desperately anticipating popped up on the flat screen.

Hemmo1996 is calling you

I scurried to straighten out my shirt, abruptly stopping and chuckling to myself once I realised that there wasn't a need to since I wouldn't be showing myself.

After taking a quick gulp of water and clearing my throat, I clicked 'accept'. (idk if this is how it works cause i haven't used skype in a year smh)

The screen flashed and I took my time to scan his cozy-looking room - from the plain white walls with a few band posters, including ours, filling up the empty spaces to an old guitar lying in a corner.

My eyes finally settled on the blonde boy seated comfortably on the bed, his body hunched forward and head tilted downwards as he took his lip in between his teeth, trying to solve what seemed like a math problem.

After creepily admiring him for a while, I decided to make myself known as he was obviously oblivious to the fact that I had picked up his call.

"Hey babe," I greeted, hoping he would be able to hear me.

His head instantly shot up and he glanced around the room in confusion until his gaze finally landed on the screen, making a smile tug at his lips.

"Oh! It's you!" He said excitedly, retracting from his slouching position and into a proper one which allowed me to take in what he was wearing.

A light blue sweater clung loosely to his small frame, slipping off his shoulder a little to expose his prominent collarbones and a little of the pale skin there.

Before any unholy thoughts could flood my mind, I tore my gaze away from his outfit, shifting it to those dazzling ocean blue eyes of his.

"Are you gonna speak or am I gonna do all the talking here? I mean that was the whole point of this call, to hear your voice," Luke giggled, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Sorry, I was just too captivated by your beauty," I stated dreamily, causing a slight blush to form on his pale cheeks.

"Do you know you sound like Calum Hood?" The blonde said, raising an eyebrow.


"Wait, did I get the right user?" He added right after, eyes squinting as he double checked my user ID.

I just laughed at the scene playing out before me, shaking my head softly at his ignorance.

Oh, the things he doesn't know.

"God, you even laugh like him, this is creepy," The blue-eyed boy frowned, tilting his head to the side a little, accentuating the adorable side to him.

"I just have a cold doll, don't worry. I don't usually sound like this," I lied through my teeth, coughing a little to make it seem more believable.

"Aww, you're sick? Why didn't you tell me?" He stated, jutting his bottom lip out slightly.

"It's just a slight cold, nothing you need to worry about sweetheart," I said, smiling at the screen even though I knew he couldn't see me.

"Well, if I were there, I would shower you with cuddles and hugs," Luke scrunched his nose cutely, attempting to give me a hug through the screen.

"I know I've said this many times but," I sighed at how whipped I was, looking up to see the blonde staring curiously at me.

"You're adorable as fuck," I said, watching him as his gaze shifted to the bed and he fiddled with his sleeves nervously.

"T-thank y-you Cal," He smiled, a blush crawling up his cheek once again.

"It's my job to make you feel pretty right?" I chuckled, watching him fondly.

"S-stop you keep making me blush."

The sweater-clad boy brought his hands up to his face, hiding his red cheeks from my view which in turn just made me burst out laughing.

"This is embarrassing," He stated, peeking through his slender fingers.

"No, this is cute! I could watch you the whole day," I remarked, making yet another pinkish hue taint his skin.


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