Chapter Twenty-Seven

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magicistheonlysight for you... Just for being you.


"Alright...ready." Sandor told Sophie, a few days later. Sophie tensed her legs and put up her fists, the knuckles were scabbed and red. The sun burned down on Sophie's back, and neck.

Appears she had a lot more swim suits than just the navy blue and white one. Gray and neon green was what she wore. Her hair tied up in a tight braid that twisted into a bun. "Keep your body protected." Sandor pointed. "Keep your eyes open, your guard up, and stay light on your feet." He said. Sophie switched to bouncing on the balls of her feet. It was better than standing in one place on the burning sand. "Keep yourself balanced." Sandor corrected. "Observe your target, watch all signs of movement, even the eyes." He said, not moving from standing under the shade he had created with a white towel.

"Attack." He said. Sophie shot her arm forward, but Sandor easily caught it in his tough hands, twisted it behind her back and pushed her away. She fell in the sand. Since Wylie couldn't make it, Sandor was giving Sophie extra coaching. "Get up." Sandor said. It wasn't unkind, but he sounded just like a coach. Pushing her to her limits without pushing her 'over' her limits. Sophie quickly got up, shook off the sand and faced Sandor again. "Attack." He said again. Sophie went for a distraction with her left fist, as she came in for a haystack with her right. Sandor could have easily stopped it but he let her fist collide with his jaw.


"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Sophie howled as she hopped away holding her fist. "That's another thing." Sandor said. "Know your opponent's weakness, look for a vulnerable part, a chink in their armor, then go in without mercy, rip into it, make it bigger and fight." Sandor said as Sophie shook out her hand. Shaking the pain away Sophie looked at Sandor. What was his weakness? He stood in the shade, standing solidly in the sand. His broad shoulders stretching outward, muscles wrapped and grappled around his arms, torso and legs.

Did he even have a weakness? His chest was bare, and were probably as rock hard as his jaw. He looked like a seven foot tall, solid mountain of rock hard muscle, and Sophie probably looked like a tiny child compare to him, in his grey goblin-y glory. Sophie decided to go for the obvious, every guy had a weakness that would make them crumble to their knees. Sophie set her foot back, standing in a sideways stance, she stood still. Sandor raised a bushy eyebrow in curiosity.

She sliced her hand out forward to distract him, he tilted his head, to avoid his eyes getting gorged out.
Sophie brought her foot up. Sandor wheezed out a breath as she stepped back, his knees were bent, Sophie hooked her foot around one and brought his leg forward making him fall to the ground, his shoulders were still up. Sophie chopped her elbow in the middle of his back and he flopped to thew sand. "That is certainly one obvious weakness." Sandor said as he stood up again, his face twisted in pain. Sophie smiled, which felt more like a smug smirk.



Yes, I know you hate me. You didn't have to tell me the moment you woke up, before you rushed off to throw up. Sometimes I wonder if it's the sight of me or the poison that makes you throw up...

I hope it's not me, but with all the things I've done, I can't exactly blame you, if it is me. I also wonder why you insist on staying in 'my' bed when you had a perfectly comfortable one 'closer' to the door, not I'm stuck on listening to the wind howl at night. My blankets are soft aren't they? The orange one was supposed to be a gift for someone, but I liked it to much to give away.

I am selfish in that way, since your sick I'll let you for now. You seem to like it just as much as I do...and there you go, marching across the room...yes I know you want to rip my guts out, and yes I do know you hate me, please don't slobber on my blanket. Sleep well,
Alvar Vacker.'

Sophie smiled as she shut the journal. She remembered saying some unkind words to Alvar, but that was when her stomach had been burning, and she had been in pain. She remembered the orange blanket as well. It was soft, and somehow made her forget where she was at, when she wrapped it around herself, it was softer than a kitten, and just as warm.

Sophie placed the journal in the box she had bought a while ago, along with her own journal, she locked it, and placed the key in the small pocket on her sucker punch. Laying down she turned off the lights and let out a sigh. Closing her eyes she settled down for the night.

Sophie couldn't have been asleep longer than an hour, when a cloth pressed to her mouth and nose. Her eyes snapped open, swinging her arms out, she let out a muffled scream, but it was to late, she could already feel herself growing sluggish and her vision blanking out.


"Bring....round." Sophie's could hear voices, a freezing hand slapped her awake. Sophie let out a yelp.

She found herself in a very familiar position she knew all to well. Unable to see, or move, she felt a cold chair beneath her.

"Let's see what answers you have for me now." Brant wheezed, and Sophie felt heat starts closing around her wrists.


"I don't know where I'm at Sandor." Eliza said. She had taken ruckleberries and now looked like normal Sophie as she wrapped her hand around her wrist.

"Ah!" Eliza dropped to the floor. "Their hurting me." She gasped. "What did you see?" Sandor growled. "I didn't see anything!" Eliza said as she crawled onto her bed. "We'll find you! For now, all we can do is have you take Sophie's place." Sandor said. "I'll have goblins on the look out, and every resource I have will be searching. We'll find you soon." Sandor said. Eliza nodded, wincing as she curled up in a ball. Wishing the pain away.


"Stop! Stop!" Sophie screamed, breathing heavily her body shivered in pain. "I don't know! I swear I don't know where she is at!" Sophie cried trying to think through the pain. "Call her to us!" Brant growled. Sophie had tried inflicting, but they had threatened her with libuim if she tried it again. Sophie took a deep breath, as tears burned her cheeks. "I won-" she screamed again as fire engulfed her wrists travelling up her arms.

Sandor was looking for her. Her family didn't know she was gone so they weren't lost with worry. She just had to hang on. Hang on. She told herself.

"Bring the stupid alicorn to us." Brant growled. "No!" Sophie screamed. The flames licked up her arms, burning the sunburned skin. "Never!" Sophie shouted through clenched teeth. "Will I betray..." Sophie couldn't finish her words, but both of them knew what she was saying. She wasn't going to betray her friends, even if the friend was covered in a cool white coat, had a horn, wings and four legs, and bad breath. She wouldn't betray them for her own comfort.

(Sophie is going to kick their butts soon.)

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