Chapter Six

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"Leanne's?" The German woman placed her chin in her hand as she thought. Sophie waited as patiently as she could. "No, sorry I don't remem- wait! Yes I do! That Leanne's." The woman told Sophie directions to the small shop.

Sophie thanked the woman, and hurried away with her family and friends. "That's so weird how you can switch from one language to the next without a single mistake." Dex said. Sophie blushed, but grinned, "I can hardly tell I'm speaking a different language." She said, as they hurried down the walkways.

Past red roofed houses, farms that smelled of sheep dung...or some other kind of animal. Past tall trees that were darker green then any other tree Sophie had seen, and picking their way around gardens, Sophie spotted the green shop. There sat non other than Leanne, the elf covered from head to toe in tattoos and piercings, and from the picture it was one of Physic's secret identities. Leanne's eyes widened at the sight of Sophie. She and Sophie stared at each other before they both snapped into action. Leanne tried to rush inside but Sophie was running after her, just as the door closed Sophie raised her foot and slammed in the door, kicking open the door, it bounced off the wall and swung back at her.

Sophie stopped it with her arm and raced after Leanne's figure that was disappearing around the corner. Sophie ran smack dab into Leanne who had planted herself in front of the leap master. "You can't go back! Not yet." she said shoved Sophie back, but Sophie wasn't about to give up, she shoved Leanne just as hard. "I'm going home." Sophie said planting her own feet as she and Leanne were locked in a shoving war. "You can't." Leanne said. "Just who is gonna stop me?" Sophie asked gritting her teeth, as she felt Leanne's footing giveaway. Just as everyone rushed in, Leanne swept Sophie's feet out from under her, letting her fall to the ground unceremoniously. She looked up, "The leal master is brok-ah!" Sophie had pulled Leanne's own leg out from under her, making the elf fall on her backside.

Sophie shoved Leanne down, by the shoulders. Glaring into the blue eyes. "Do you honestly want to mess with me?" Sophie asked lowly, almost growling. Leanne rolled her eyes, Sophie felt her eyes widen as Leanne managed to switch positions. "I have orders to follow." Leanne said as she struggled to pin Sophie down, being firm, but not harsh. Sophie squirmed before reaching up and yanking Leanne's dyed black and purple hair. "You did not!" She said as she and Sophie locked into a wrestling match, bantering at the same time.

"I'm going home."

"You could of just used teleporting and I wouldn't be struck here."

"No I can't, something wrong with it."

"Then I'll need to take you somewhere else."

"I'm not arguing with you! Someone see if the stupid leap master is working."

"Don't you dare! Try it and Sophie gets it."

"What? A bunch of medicine? Either way I'm going home."

"Ouch! You!"

"Aaah! Don't bite me!"

"Don't pull my hair!"

"Then let me to home-"

"Well!" A new voice said. "This is very undignified... Of both of you." Both Sophie and Leanne sat up, glaring at Mr. Forkle. "You!" They both growled. "My sincerest apologies." He said. "However this matter will have to wait. It's time for everyone to return home, the most urgent emergencies have been taken care of." Mr. Forkle said.


"It's weird isn't it?" Fitz asked a week later. Sophie had expected a war, but everything was calm as ever, serene and peaceful. "Being home. I kinda got used to the plane." Fitz said as he stalked farther into Foxfire's library. "You can say that again." Sophie mumbled. "It seems..." Fitz didn't know what word to use to describe it. "Normal, and unexciting." Sophie offered. Fitz nodded, "That's it, it just gives me the uneasy feeling of...of something is wrong." He whispered, as a group of level fours pushed by, casting him glances and giggling quietly.

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