Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Fitz stared at Sophie. She looked fantastic...wearing a dress, Sophie let Biana flip and style her hair.

That was just it though...Sophie would rather deal with Bad Dog in a rage, than sit still and let Biana do her hair. "Hey Sophie." He greeted as he walked into the sitting room. Sophie grinned, brightly "Hi Fitz." She said in a over happy voice. She was wearing open sandal heels instead of boots, or being barefoot.

For the past week Sophie seemed different. Completely different. Fitz wasn't sure if it was because he needed time, or if it was because she was finally getting into a routine or something, she was just...different. She wasn't herself. "All done." Biana said, as she finished the hairstyle. "We should invite Linh over, that way we can do makeovers." Sophie said as she stood up. Biana blinked, "Makeovers?" She asked, looking at Fitz silently asking 'what happened to Sophie?' Fitz shrugged.

"Yeah, you always said you want to do makeovers. I personally want to see what I look like with blue eyes." Sophie said. Biana smiled, "That sounds awesome. "Maybe we can have a slumber party." Sophie looked up from twisting her sucker punch on her wrist. "I want to but I can't. I have to...give Bad Dog a bath. She's having...problems with the new diet."

"Oh gross." Biana said. Sophie nodded, "You do not want to be near her at all. It's disgusting." Sophie said, her hand squeezing her wrist, a small muscle in her jaw twitching, hardly noticeable, but Fitz caught it.

"Hey guys." Keefe said walking into the room. "Hi Keefe." Sophie said giving Keefe the same smile she had given Fitz. "How do I look?" She asked giving a small spin, in her knee length sun dress. "Um....great." Keefe said. Sophie smiled. "Edaline bought the dress for me." She explained. "We went shopping together yesterday." Sophie said. "I never thought you liked shopping." Keefe said. Sophie shrugged, before smiling, "It was our first time to shop together." Sophie said.

"Isn't that like a rite of passage for girls...or something?" He asked. Fitz elbowed his friend, shooting him a glare. Sophie shrugged, "Well, Edaline and I have never gone shopping together before. Just us girls I mean. It She knew exactly what I liked and stuff." Sophie said. "And you like that?" Keefe asked pointing at the colorful sun dress. Sophie smiled, "It's fun." Orange and yellow bloomed over the dress, with blue and green shooting across the skirt, and streaks of red and pink danced across the white fabric. The bodice washy tight, but it was sleeveless, and showed Sophie's pale shoulders, a particularly bright splotch of red, was on the bodice.

Fitz was hit with the realization so suddenly he clutched Keefe's arm, as dread gripped his stomach. "That's great, you girls have fun." He said before dragging Keefe away.

They reached his room and Fitz spun around before Keefe could ask he spoke. "Sophie doesn't have sunburn." He said. Keefe got a weird face, "So? What's there to dread about that?" He asked. "Keefe she's been out in the sun more than any of us, she should have sun burn." Fitz said. "You know Sophie isn't like that. She doesn't wear dresses, or heels, everyone knows she'd fall flat on her face." Fitz said.

Keefe frowned. He tensed and Fitz knew he found something else. "I can't feel her emotions." He said lowly. The boys met each other's eyes. Something was wrong, and the person down stairs wasn't Sophie. The person down stairs wasn't Fitz's, Sophie.


"Uuugggh, guys!" Biana groaned. "You are both being ridiculous. Sophie is finally acting like a girl, even girls like her have to have their girly days." Biana said.

"I can't even feel her emotions. Biana, I can usually feel Foster's emotions from a mile away, and I couldn't feel them, when we were in the same room." Keefe said. Biana rolled her eyes. "She probably took a elixir or something, so sou wouldn't feel her obvious crush on Fitz." Biana said, a smile making her eyes sparkle. "She finally admitted she likes you." She said looking at her Fitz. "That just proves our point." Fitz said, "You know Sophie would never admit that. She would of blusher and stuttered for a lie or made some excuse to change the subject." Fitz said.

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