Chapter Twenty-One

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"One, two, three, fou-" Charles didn't get to finish as Sophie stepped on his foot and nearly fell on top of him.

He struggled to cover his wince, as he tried to recover easily. Lady Gardenia who was playing the record player which turned out to be a instrument of sorts, tsked. "It looks like we'll have to go back to the basics Charlie." She said. Sophie wasn't sure why she continued coming to these disasters after the first night, she had returned, again and again. Something inside of her wanted to become a proper elf but the rest of her told her to forget it.

"What basics?" Sophie asked as Charlie stepped away. "Very basics." Lady Gardenia said. Sophie found out basics was balancing books on her head while walking in heels. She received several bruises that night and scorning from Lady Gardenia but she took it in stride. She would have to be as confident as she could be on the next mission, and being graceful just might save her from falling and cracking her head against the floor.

Sophie had decided to take a practical look at these lessons. Learning to be confident on her own feet, could save a burden on other people. Everyday after school, Sophie and Wylie looked at every angle in Exile. Memorizing the lay out, every escape route and meet up places should either of them wind up lost. Wylie had managed to talk Tiergan into getting the lay out of Exile, and a small group of gnomes to sneak them in and get out. Tiergan had received a list of names of all the prisoners but it was up to Wylie and Sophie to find the cells themselves.

"How did that happen?" Wylie asked pointing to a bruise on her arm, the next day after school, and detention. "I fell." Sophie said tugging her sleeve down to cover the green bruise. She leaned back over her notes, she had already memorized but she searched them again. "Alright, so we need to find these two who are both in different cells." Wylie said, "We'll enter through this place right here." Wylie said reviewing the plan, circling the entrance Sophie had entered through the last time she broke into Exile, that was when Calla was with her...and her friends.

"Right. There is a four way split up ahead." She said letting her finger slid across the lay out of Exile, up to the split off. Where everyone had split up, "Distraction?" She asked. "I'm cutting right, and going to avoid the dwarves as much as possible." Wylie said touching the satchel Sophie had Dex fill up with the smoke bombs, and other squares.
"I'll go straight, and start looking here." Sophie said adding her own blue circle to the plan. "I'll be crisscrossing through the main eight hall ways." Wylie said tracing his red marker crisscross through the eight halls, to the right. "Check the names. I'll work my way in a square, until I can find the names." Sophie said making a mental image of the plan, as she traced her blue marker down the halls.

"Should we take crystals?" Wylie asked. Sandor stood disapprovingly at Sophie's door. "Leaping ones don't work down there. I don't want to risk balefire either." Sophie shook her head. "We'll have to use our night vision." She said. She had sneaked out of the house several times to practice night vision. It had improved somewhat, Sophie was confident she could get through Exile quickly if she ran and didn't fall. "So these should cause enough light?" Wylie asked, as he pointed to the sucker punches, Dex had somehow made glow in the dark. "They should." Sophie said as she absentmindedly started braiding her hair tightly, making Calla's braid always seemed to calm her.

She had her own modified sucker punches, bound on her wrists. She had dressed in her red dress white shirt and black gloves with dark pants and comfortable boots. Wylie was dressed in his own dark clothes, his dark hair braided much like his father's. "Why don't we just teleport?" Wylie asked. Chills shot up Sophie's spine. "No." She said, as her stomach flipped at the thought. "I can't teleport through solid things." Not to mention her instincts were screaming at her not to. "Alright." Wylie said as he tapped the end of his open across the desk, Sophie and he had been bent over.

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