Chapter Three

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Dedicated to Rozberryxoxo and Sophitz_KOTLC for guessing who the elf is in the picture. Oh and magicistheonlysight you tried...

The elf is Physic. She has another identity I made up as Leanne (in the last book) she'll show up soon. ^-^


"Good morning." Sophie looked up at Fitz's crisp accented voice spoke. He stood looking ready for the day but not quite 'awake' he walked into the kitchen. Giving Myth's head a pat, he walked over to Sophie to see what she was making.

Sophie turned back to shredding cheese "Good Morning." She replied. "Do you need any help?" Fitz asked leaning over Sophie's shoulder. Sophie felt heat run up her neck. "I'm good." She shook her head. Fitz seemed to realize just how close he was to her, and took a step back. Taking his warmth with him. Sophie let out a breath, not knowing if it was of thanks or of wistfulness.

Behind her Fitz leaned against the island. Sophie could tell he had questions. A lot of them. She sighed as she sprinkled the cheese over the casseroles she was making, she pushed two of them into the oven, wiped her hands and turned to face him. "Just ask." She said. Fitz had been lost in his own questions, trying to answer them himself. He looked up at Sophie. "How did you even get to Germany?" He asked. "Mr. Forkle took me, that's how I got my first allergic reaction. He gave me libuim." Sophie said. "To clear your mind." It wasn't a question. Sophie nodded. "Why?" Fitz asked.

Sophie opened her mouth to speak, but her choice failed her. She turned away from Fitz, so she wouldn't have to stare into those pastel teal eyes, that knew nearly every secret, the eyes that bore into her like burning knives. "I had....guilt." Sophie said as she busied herself with cleaning the counters. Fitz seemed hesitant about asking, but his voice shook Sophie. "About?" Sophie took a deep breath. He'd find out anyways, and it was time she finally told someone, it was time someone besides Kyle and Nick knew. "Josh Gabriel Loskie." She whispered. Her mind sending a mental image of six year old Josh and her holding hands as they jumped into the pool. Where their parents waited. Sophie closed her eyes. Her heart hurt just thinking about him. Her throat closed refusing to work, so she switched to transmitting.

"He was my best friend. We did everything together. Our birthdays were the same day, we celebrated together, we'd play together, he was like my other half, our moms...our moms thought when we grew up we'd fall in love get married and have kids, they used to tease us that we were joined at the hip. Josh and I refused to be separated."

"Something smells amazing." Rose said as she walked in the kitchen. Sophie's mind unintentionally pulled away from Fitz's. She was shaking with cold and grief. She forced a smile to Rose. "Morning." She greeted. "What'd trouble are you two up to?" Rose asked looking between Sophie and Fitz. As she switched on the coffee maker. "Nothing more then the usual." Sophie said quickly. Rose raised her eyebrow rose. "Oh I'm sure." She said with a hint of sarcasm. The way she looked from Sophie to Fitz, made Sophie blush. "I'm going to clean up." Sophie said looking down at her thick purple and black flannel pajama pants, with a dark long sleeve shirt. Rose nodded, "Go ahead I'll get the food out when the timer goes off." She said. Sophie rushed past Fitz and upstairs.

In the bathroom as the mirror fogged up and steam filled the room, Sophie took deep breaths trying too soothe her hurting heart. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to tell the whole story of Josh to Fitz. 'Go at your own pace' Kyle's words came up as Sophie stood under the hot water. Her own pace, was going at a snail's pace, but it felt right. Fitz was holding himself back, slowing his own pace to stay beside Sophie.

To understand her point of view, to simply help her through every step she took, to be with her. Sophie stepped out of the shower. Twisting her hair into a towel, she dried off and changed into a warm white long sleeve shirt, black jeans and thick socks. She wiped the fog away from the mirror and stared at herself. Her eyes were starting to look shinier, with more sparkles, a green strand of hair curled out from under the fluffy black towel and-

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