Chapter Fifteen

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A firm hand covered Sophie's mouth as she rounded the corner, and yanked her into a familiar healing center.

The hand was yanked from Sophie's mouth and she could hear Sandor growling. Sir Leto carefully held his hands up in a truce gesture. Sandor let him go.

"Sophie, the council is on to me." Mr. Forkle transmitted. Sir Leto touched his registry pendent. "If you want to'll have to get into trouble. Big trouble. They adjusted my pendent, even now they know we are close." Sir Leto glanced around, as Elwin silently walked from his office he put a bandage over Sophie's hand. "That will be your excuse, as to why you were here with me."

"Why didn't you just transmit?" Sophie asked. Sir Leto frowned, shaking his head. "Reasons. We need to talk personally. Hurry, you have to get in as much trouble as you can. Understand?" He asked. Sophie nodded. Sandor wasn't looking to happy at being left out of the conversation. Sophie nodded, Elwin touched his own pendent. "Who all is being watched?" She asked. "To many." Sir Leto said. "You must be careful what you say and to who. Especially your friends." Sophie nodded. "You have to be willing to face the consequences." Mr. Forkle transmitted, before ducking out of the healing center. Elwin smiled to Sophie, though there was a tightness around his smile.

Sophie knew why. Her own pendant was feeling heavier and tighter. Slowly strangling her. It wasn't freedom and safety. It was a feeling more like a restraining collar. Sophie looked around the healing center. Sophie had never been a trouble maker, not purposely. She let Sandor in on what Sir. Leto had said, Sandor huffed but didn't protest. Sophie needed to get in trouble, and lots of it.

She could do this. She got in trouble all the time.


Sophie banged her head on the lunch table. She couldn't do this. She had tried everything. Turning in unfinished homework, refusing to corporate in classes, the classes she attended anyways.

Successfully hurting a kid in P.E. which was more of an accident then anything, and she had walked him to the healing center. She had made extremely sarcastic comments to the teachers. She had tried starting fights, but elves apparently didn't understand a shove and someone bumping into them, they apologized to Sophie. Feeling bad Sophie had apologized to and helped pick up their books.

Sophie had managed to wind up in Elwin's office three times, she had gotten a months worth detention, before lunch, but she hadn't been sent to Sir Leto's office. It was like the teachers had been given orders to not send her to the office. "That's a lot of detentions." Dex said quietly as he was the next to appear at the table. Sophie glared at the slips laid out before her. She'd really have to do something bad, something that didn't have to harsh of consequence but would land her in Sir Leto's office.

She looked at Dex who took his seat on her right. "How do I get in Sir Leto's office?" She asked, she was to hopeless to be angry at the moment. Dex froze. "I'd say you just walk right in." He said as he focused in cutting the sour fruit, that Sophie had mistakenly chosen on her first day. "I can't." Sophie glanced around, before leaning in, touching his pendent. "The council is watching." Dex jerked a little at her transmission. He looked down at his pendent as Sophie pulled her hand back. "Sir. Leto said they're on to him, and several others. I need to land myself in his office to talk to him." She continued as she stole a green apple from Dex's lunch. He didn't seem to notice. He glanced around at the other kids eating their lunch. Fitz, Biana, Keefe, Tam and Linh walked in the cafeteria.

"I can help you." Dex whispered. As they watched their friends approach. "Meet me at our lockers." Dex said. Sophie nodded and swiped her detentions off the table. She stopped for a moment. "Dex," she said hesitantly. At least he had come clean, Dex looked up from his lunch. "Thanks." Sophie said. Dimples started to dent his cheeks as he smiled up at her. "Foster is still mad." Keefe grumbled as he sat down. Sophie glared at him as she tried to subtly stuff her detentions in her bag, something caught her eye and she jerked her head side ways. Over Fitz's shoulder. "Bye." She said hastily to Dex before she ran past Fitz. "Eli!" She called. "Wait up." She said following the level three. He looked up nervously glancing around.

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