Chapter Eighteen

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"Foster!" Sophie screamed and swung around swinging the branch she held, a blond head ducked just in time, the branch swung over his head. Sophie stumbled away from Keefe, and the others.

Yanking out her ear buds she glared at Keefe as he straightened up. "Sheesh, Foster relax." He said. Sophie could by relax. Her body was quivering, whether from rage or fear she didn't know. An army of dark elves was being made and Keefe was going around trying to scare her. Sophie glared at Keefe before returning to poking the pile of leaves. "What are you doing?" Keefe asked. Sophie was sure she had seen it here. Just out of sight of Havenfield, she gave up trying to be stealthy, her scream had probably already scared it half to death. She stabbed the pile of leaves and bright red fur shot out.

Sophie tossed the branch aside and pursued. The thing was something between a mix of a rabbit and dog. "Hey Foster wait up." She heard Keefe call, she however pounced on the panting animal. It screamed and screeched. Back legs, larger than Sophie had thought could be possible, slammed into her chest as claws ripped into her long sleeved shirt. She yanked open the bag at her hip and shoved the creature in, as the others caught up. "What is that?" Keefe asked. "I don't know." Sophie hissed as she stared at the long red welt appearing on her arm, not to mention it had ruined her tunic. Her bag bounced as the creature tried to find a way out of the deep bag.

"Grady and Edaline lost it from the herd, or whatever." She said. "Sandor!" She yelled as they reached the clearing where he was chasing another creature. Sandor had one creature by the back legs and another by it's long ears. "Another one ran right." He growled as he shoved the two squirming creatures in his own bag. Sophie broke off to the right and saw the creature chomping of a twig. She stilled, as the thing spotted her. It's eyes were grey, and it's back rabbit like legs reached up and scratched the floppy ears. Sophie lunged and snatched up the creature. Before it could start fighting or process that it had been caught she shoved it in her own bag. "That's the last of them." Sandor said.

Sophie breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness." Sandor grumbled his agreement. "How did hey get out?" Dex asked. "Tunnels." Both Sophie and Sandor grumbled. "Oh, Sophie I've been meaning to talk you about the...." Dex shot a look at the others. "Thing." He settled for. Dex was the only one Sophie had told about Demise and Iver Silvertongue. She had needed a background on them. She needed to know everything she could about the brothers. "We'll talk inside. Come on." Sophie said as she and Sandor handed the bags to a pair of gnomes waiting for them.

When they reached Sophie's room. "What'd you find?" She asked Dex as she plopped on her bed. "Well. The thing is, I snuck into the registry."

"You mean broke in?" Keefe asked. "Why?" Biana asked. Sophie waved away the questions, "Can it be tracked back to you?" She asked Dex. He was rubbing his thumb over what looked to be a replica of the twiggler. He shook his head, "No, I found a glitch and only modified the glitch so-" Dex looked at Sophie, and her raised eyebrow. "I made a backdoor." He said quickly. Sophie nodded for him to continue, she rubbed the salve on the burning red welt on her arm. "Anyways I didn't find the two....names. But!" He added quickly. "Who are you looking for?" Tam asked, his question was ignored. "I did find a interesting name, that comes close to them." Dex said.

"Their record?" Sophie asked. Dex stared down at his invention, Sophie could see he was trying to work out his own questions. "Exiled. It says they're still there, but it also says they were high risk dangers, for themselves and others." Sophie tapped her foot on the flower laced carpet. "But they aren't the names I'm looking for."

"They are twins, they're related, both exiled and banned for being dangerous, and breaking fundamental laws of telepathy and conjuring. They both come from a long line of 'rebellious' and 'strong willed' elves."

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