Chapter Twenty-Two

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By the first meeting point the four elves were panting. "Found Iner." Wylie wheezed, and he bent over, his hands on his knees.

"Good enough, let's get out of here." Sophie said, her hair having come out of it's braid, now hung in her face. "What about-" Tam started but Sophie shook her head vehemently. "No, we have to leave now." Fitz agreed. "What about who?" A voice asked. Sophie spun around, and jumped away from the others, hoping to draw attention away. There stood a cloaked Neverseen.

Tam and Fitz could do nothing about the shield that went up around them. "Ruy!" Sophie spat. Ruy glared at her, shoving his hand out towards her, Sophie flung as much mental energy as she coil pout through her finger tips. Ruy fell back, gritting his teeth. Shadows filled the shield, as Tam and Fitz combined their abilities and energy to shove against it.

"Let them go." Sophie said, as her gut tugged with the exertion of pushing a steady stream of mental energy and inflicting against the shield. Ruy seemed to realize he was out matched, at the moment. "No." He bluffed. Sophie ripped off her pin and threw it at Ruy's feet. Smoke flew up just as Tam and Fitz broke through the shield. Wylie was slumped to the floor, "Get him up. Let's go." Sophie said as she grabbed the bag from Wylie, and reached in to pulling out another square she ran to Ruy who was coughing. Sticking the square to his chest Sophie gave Ruy a firm kick to the chest making him fall back. Sophie raced after Tam and Fitz who carried Wylie between them. "Left!" She shouted as a muffled


Sounded from Ruy and the square. Fitz and Tam turned left. "Right." Sophie transmitted as she mentally went through the map, keeping four blue tags on Fitz, Tam, Wylie and herself. A red one on Ruy. "Straight ahead." She said, as she ran beside Tam. "I don't think s-" Sophie launched herself over the hole the dwarf popped out of, she tossed a square in hole, as she landed on the other side.

The dwarf sank back into the ground the hole disappearing as it panicked racing after the square to get it out. "Hurry." Sophie said as she reached the tunnel Sori was holding open. She made Sir Tam and Wylie were in the hole. Fitz stumbled in after them and she was right at his heels. Roots wrapped around them, and they were swept away.


Coughing, Wylie came back from the black out. Over joyed, Sophie hugged him without thinking. "Wylie, you're okay." She laughed. Wylie grunted in pain. Sophie jerked away, "Sorry, sorry." She breathed a sigh of relief. Besides a few scrapes and scratches everyone was okay.

"My head..." Wylie groaned laying back on her bed. "That's to be expected." Linh said as she looked through Sophie's bathroom, for the correct healing potions. Wylie winced, "Must have hit my head." Tam nodded. "You did." Sophie took a deep breath. "I'm sorry guys. That could of gone a lot better." She said. "It could have gone a lot worse too." Fitz said, "Yeah, you got us out of there." Tam said. Sophie shook her head. "I should have been more careful. So many things could have gone wrong." She said. "Well, it's good you always have luck on your side." Keefe said.

Sophie didn't feel like luck would be on her side for long. "I can't depend on luck, Keefe. None of us can. I should have been more careful." She said. "We should have been more careful." Wylie said sitting up on his elbows as he took the elixirs Linh handed him. Sophie smiled at him, "I'm glad you're okay...all of you." She said looking at Tam and Fitz.
"Yeah, you too." Wylie said as he sat up, finishing the last of the elixirs. Sophie leaned against the wall, her arms wrapped tightly around herself. "There is something else." She said shivering.

"I'm guessing none of us are going to like it." Keefe said seriously as he went to stand beside Linh. Sophie shook her head. She wanted someone to stand beside her, like Keefe and Linh stood next to each other. "There was a dark elf there." The room seemed to freeze, tension appeared as fast as lightning. Sophie wrapped the brown leather coat around her. It had a faint scent of Kyle's cologne, calming her nerves. One problem at a time. She reminded herself. 'Just stay calm, and speak carefully'. Kyle had said. "It was in a cell. They called it subject one." Sophie said. The coat caused her shivering to stop. She took a deep breath, "I thought Sophie had found a name." Fitz said. "When we looked in, the thing slammed against the door."

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