It All Started With A Challenge {GoodGuyFitz} by GoodGuyTaco
It All Started With A Challenge { TJ
Jamie was a fairly popular YouTuber with two million subscribers and counting. She played video games and made people laugh for a living. Many of her fans mentioned her...
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Addicted To Your Love (Fitz x Reader)  by Drunk_Cookie
Addicted To Your Love (Fitz x Mimi ♥️
||Completed|| "Y/N I present you to the giraffe of the group, Fitz" From there I got so addicted to him.
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Unforgivable Lies  by Expired_Cream
Unforgivable Lies by Cream✌🏻
This fanfic was previously written by another wattpad writer known by @xxmadskxx I'm just continuing it Bonnie is 19,Jay is 22 not a major age gap Cam introduced Bonnie...
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mccreamy x reader by -zuccles
mccreamy x readerby zuccles on ig
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him ;zucklesxreader; by lavxnd
him ;zucklesxreader;by @kryczz on ig
"Mason listen to me, I love you."
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Fitz x reader by zuckles_be_lit
Fitz x readerby GBG
You were falling for one of you're best mate but you didn't know you would've gotten really hurt
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instagram||swaggersouls by madmileven39
instagram||swaggersoulsby awkward™️
I'm trying a new style of writing enjoy
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Vanoss Crew & GBG Oneshots by DANINATOR_LOLZOR
Vanoss Crew & GBG Oneshotsby DANINATOR_LOLZOR
Includes Youtubers such as Vanoss, MiniLadd, Ohmwrecker, Fitz, Kryoz and many more! Contains both VanossCrew and GBG! Request: open :) WARNING Chapters may include T...
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GBG😎 Imagines  by yemsno
GBG😎 Imagines by yemsno
ayy heres my first piece of writing 😁💕 really hope it makes y'all smile
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Kotlc Chat Room by sophieelisabeth101
Kotlc Chat Roomby Ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ✅
Sophie went on a trip to the Forbidden Cities, and brought back some computers for her and her friends. Read on about the chats they write and more! Including lots of...
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Interest ( Swaggersouls X Reader ) by YEEEE33T
Interest ( Swaggersouls X Reader )by Marine.
I do recommendations of (person) x reader, and (person 1) x (person 2). I'm mostly good at doing stories of the GBG, since I know them best. If you recommend a person I...
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BBS x reader by DemonicKat16
BBS x readerby Dark_Shadow_Kitty
:/ eh erm I don't really write descriptions so bare with me.... Y/N seemed like a normal girl. She attended high school school, got good grades, and seemed to be quite h...
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fitz x reader by noodleypoodly
fitz x readerby noodlypoodly
the epic family friendly youtuber x you
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wrong number || swaggersouls  by yourrm0m
wrong number || swaggersouls by yourrm0m
- i don't know you oh... are you hot? - [lowercaseintended]
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GoodGuyFitz - One Shots  by misfitsrose
GoodGuyFitz - One Shots by misfitsrose
one shots for goodguyfitz (cam/cameron) Requests: Open Start Date: October 25th, 2018 Last Updated: December 3rd, 2018 Cover Art by: @OakleyDokey Highest Rankings: ...
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gbg imagines ♡ by omittophobia
gbg imagines ♡by omittophobia
the title says it all. taking requests :)
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Secrets Revealed: a KOTLC story by MollyIsADragonAuthor
Secrets Revealed: a KOTLC storyby Molly June
Sophie Foster finally has to tell Fitz the secret she's been keeping from him. These are just my predictions for what will happen in Flashback concerning Sophie 's love...
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smii7y & friends x reader by fancifulmuffin
smii7y & friends x readerby fancifulmuffin
a bunch of different one- or multi- part stories about smii7y and his friends (request if you want something in particular)
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  • jaayy
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No More Secrets: A Sophitz Fanfiction by booknerding-
No More Secrets: A Sophitz biana song
This is a fanfiction about what happens after Sophie chooses Fitz. The ships in here are: Sophitz, Bam/Tiana, and Denh. Don't read if you haven't read Lodestar yet, bu...
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Fitz & Friends x Reader Scenarios by starspark__
Fitz & Friends x Reader Scenariosby star
oo look at star with a brand new bloody book aye-
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