classy 🌷 goodguyfitz by writingandquack
classy 🌷 goodguyfitzby mia. 🌹
❝I don't think you understand the difference - he loves anything about you and I love everything about you.❞
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Price Of Love | Swagger Souls X Reader by TheCryingCloud
Price Of Love | Swagger Souls X ·Shannon·
"You must be the winner, I assume." It was clear, even with a helmet, she could tell he was judging her. "I am. I've paid my way in and I'm not going to f...
  • cats
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*•UNDER CONSTRUCTION•*Gay Baby Gang Boyfriend Scenarios  by Queen-Zelle
The title
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  • boyfriendscenarios
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Youtube Oneshots! by Spookypaypay123
Youtube Oneshots!by Fandom___fever
Some oneshots of Smi77y Kryoz Fitz Swagger souls and etc do enjoy Hey Borthers I wanted to make this for awhile and I finally got to it Please feel free to leave reques...
  • oneshot
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VanossGaming Crew Oneshots by DANINATOR_LOLZOR
VanossGaming Crew Oneshotsby DANINATOR_LOLZOR
Includes Youtubers such as Vanoss, MiniLadd, Ohmwrecker, Fitz, Kryoz and many more! Request: open :) WARNING Chapters may include Triggering material, Sexual content...
  • iamwildcat
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zuckles x reader by heybillieeilish
zuckles x readerby zuccles
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smii7y & friends x reader by fancifulmuffin
smii7y & friends x readerby fancifulmuffin
a bunch of different one- or multi- part stories about smii7y and his friends (request if you want something in particular)
  • jaayy
  • kryozgaming
  • swaggersouls
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Goodguyfitz Imagines / / /DISCONTINUED\\\ by MX400MOMO
Goodguyfitz Imagines / / / Model - Momo
1st GoodGuyFitz imagines!! Obviously I am a major fangirl for this man dis man is very gud youtuber (misspells are on purpose) This oneshot book also consists of Johno...
  • zuckles
  • smii7y
  • ainsley
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Across the World | goodguyfitz by madaymaddy
Across the World | goodguyfitzby maddy ಠ_ಠ
"Hey guys it's EllaPlays here!" A fanfiction in which a girl meets a boy who makes being online a bit more fun for the both of them.
  • johnontheradio
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Making the Match by PJOfanatix
Making the Matchby PJOfanatix
Sophie Foster is now a Level 6 prodigy at Foxfire. The Neverseen has been put down and the war has been won. All was calm for the last two years and things have only bee...
  • lost
  • keefiana
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BBS x reader by DemonicKat16
BBS x readerby Dark_Shadow_Kitty
:/ eh erm I don't really write descriptions so bare with me.... Y/N seemed like a normal girl. She attended high school school, got good grades, and seemed to be quite h...
  • moo
  • terroriser
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Fitz & Friends x Reader Scenarios by starspark__
Fitz & Friends x Reader Scenariosby sister star
oo look at star with a brand new bloody book aye-
  • ainsley
  • fitz
  • johnontheradio
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gAy bAbY GANG \\\imagines\\\ by zuccmyiqlevel
gAy bAbY GANG \\\imagines\\\by zuccmyiqlevel
readerxgbg I feel so flipping guilty even reading these - The fact I'm writing my own , jesus take the wheel. Hopefully you enjoy. (I'm fucking ashamed)
  • raccooneggs
  • johnontheradio
  • zuckles
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LOVE LIES  ▹ SOPHITZ by theunmappedstar
LOVE LIES ▹ SOPHITZby °☆.。mysterious miss f
❝ THERE WILL BE BUMPS ALONG THE WAY. OH, AND SPEAKING OF BUMPS... ❞ ever since sophie and fitz walked down that aisle, they both knew one thing: they wanted a baby. but...
  • foster
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YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTS by starspark__
YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTSby sister star
Hello! Welcome to my oneshot book. Requests are open for now, so go ahead and ask! REQUESTS: ☑ SMUTS: if there are any smuts, there will be a warning for those who feel...
  • youtube
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Choose wisely (GBG x Reader x BBS) by AnimePandaCat
Choose wisely (GBG x Reader x BBS)by Anime Panda And Turtle
Your name is (Y/N), your 25 and live in Los Santos. Your in a gang called, "BMS gang" aka, "Big Medium Small Gang". Your gang is robbing a bank until...
  • gaybabygang
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Keefe's Choice (A KOTLC Selection) by belowaveragebooks
Keefe's Choice (A KOTLC Selection)by belowaveragebooks
This is Keefe's big decision and Sophie's heartbreaking story on how they both ended up in the selection.
  • tam
  • tophie
  • sofitz
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Finally- A Sophitz Fanfiction by TheSophitzOwl
Finally- A Sophitz Fanfictionby Livvie
This story is about how Sophie and Fitz finally get together. Please don't judge me too hard, this is my first fanfiction. Note- I do NOT own these characters, they be...
  • romance
  • tam
  • kidnapped
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DESTINY(KOTLC) by Daughterofmindandsea
Love and hate, fate and destiny-you can never escape them... This is my first fanfiction and HINT HINT I ship Sophitz!! ** I do not own any of the characters, all of the...
  • sophitz
  • kotlc
  • biana
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Gay Baby Gang Imagines by swaggersoulsbitch
Gay Baby Gang Imaginesby swaggersoulsbitch
The place for all your gay baby needs ;)
  • zuckles
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