Chapter Twelve

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The dress Sophie wore for the wedding was an ashen grey floor length dress, the neck scooped and squeezed in a way that made her flush.

The dress reminded Sophie, of the misty fog in the morning, the wisps of the grey light that often caused shivers to run, and hearts to pound. It was the color that would make your eyes play tricks on you. A dark evergreen colored sash was wrapped around Sophie's arms, and draped down her back.

Her alicorn pin, set with an explosive mechanism in it, pinned the sash to Sophie, just in case she dropped it she wouldn't need to bend over. Forrest brown boots looked elegant whenever they flashed into sight. Sophie had added her own touch to Calla's braid. Making it loose and adding a small twist, the braid slipped down her shoulder, tied with a clear tie. Sophie decided to take Vertina's advice, and added a touch of something that tasted like cinnamon to her lips. From what she understood it was the Elvin ChapStick.

Sophie had never noticed it but her lips were indeed chapped and cracked. It was a warm day the kind of summer day perfect for a wedding. Strands of hair fell around her face, framing it into a sharp angled face. After the detox finished yesterday Sophie woke up to find herself looking like a new elf. Her eyes were bright, her skin had a healthy glow, and her hair was glossy, everything about her was improved.

The sash looked sheer, but according to Edaline it was water resistant and could keep Sophie warm if she got chills. Sophie sprayed cinnamon perfume on, she had come to like the smell to much...

Checking her reflection once more she took a deep breath, picking up the invitation she had received yesterday she walked out of her room. Sandor stood at attention. "How do I look?" She asked as she closed her room door. "Very beautiful, Miss Foster." He replied. Sophie smiled as she stepped down the stairs. Grady and Edaline thought it'd be to hard for them to go to a wedding, having planned out Jolie's, but Sophie understood. She had promised to give the couple their congratulations. She took the boxed gift Edaline and Grady had prepared, it was long and rather light for it's awkward size. She took Sandor's arm and they leaped away.

An Elvin wedding was something out of a fairy tale. Colors danced around the outside reception. Long benches that looked like pews faced the massive arch where last minute adjustments were being made. Elves stood in groups, dressed in hundreds of colors, looking like regal people of royalty. Bouquets were placed at each end of the benches butterflies fluttered around in the bright air, like they were being paid to look beautiful and capture the attention of small elves that hurried through the crowds laughing and giggling as they chased each other.

Tables were set farther away from the main seats, gnomes were busy arranging plates, glasses and food on the tables, and being sure the flowers were perfectly centered. Sophie and Sandor looked around. Finally Sandor spotted the table to place the present. Sophie followed him closely to the table, before setting the box down carefully. She didn't know what it was, so she decided to be careful anyways. An enormous dance floor was set near the food, and a band of gnomes and dwarves were preparing musical instruments.

Sophie looked around as more and more elves showed up with bright flashing lights. Leaping to and fro. Sophie hung close beside Sandor, as they aimlessly walked through the crowds. Sophie was to fascinated by the birds calling clearly through the air, of buzzing voices drowning into hundreds of voices. Sophie spotted a flash of silver and black, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Tam!" She called. Tam looked over looking uncomfortable in a dark tunic with gold buttons decorating the front, with gold shoulders, he looked like a royal guard to some strange and mysterious kingdom. White pants and black boots he stood towering over Sophie. "Hey." She said. "When did you get here?" He asked. "Just a few minutes ago. Who all else is here?"

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