Chapter Twenty-Nine

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"He's out." Alvar said grimly, as he shook his hand out, coming from the walk in closet. With a loud


Sophie finished picking the cuffs, and the chains slid to the floor. Rubbing her raw wrists she looked at Alvar, "What's a regeneration elixir?" She asked, she could feel her bones knitting and back together, every cell she had was regenerating. Alvar sat next to her. "It's an elixir that few people make, mostly because it's dangerous to make, and the ingredients are hard to come by. It regenerates energy, cells and heals all flesh wounds, and broken bones." Alvar said.

"And you gave me yours?" Sophie asked. Alvar shrugged as if it were nothing, even though Sophie could tell it was hard for him to give it up. "You needed it." He said. "Thank you." Sophie said. Alvar smiled "You're welcome." He said said. "So will you come with me?" Sophie asked leaning back into the couch. "You know I can't." Alvar said. "Why not?" Sophie asked. "Why do you want me back so bad? I'd mess up everything with you and Fitz." Alvar said. "Your family Alvar." Sophie said. "No matter what happens, families don't give up on each other. I won't give up on bringing you back home." Alvar sighed deeply as he leaned back in the couch. Tilting his head against the back of the couch he closed his eyes.

"My family gave up." He said. Sophie clutched his arm. "No! They didn't." Alvar turned to look at her, "They never gave up on you Alvar. They love you, and yes you have a lot to make up for, but they do too. Please just give it a chance." Sophie begged. Alvar smiled ruefully as he returned to his stretched position, his hand sliding on top of Sophie's. "It's times like these that make me want to forget my brother." He said, gently pulled Sophie's hand off of his arm. Sophie took her hand back, blushing. "Sorry." She muttered. "Don't worry about it." Alvar said. "Your changing the subject." Sophie said. Alvar chuckled,

"I hoped you wouldn't notice."


"Okay okay." Alvar surrendered. "Sophie I'm going to ask you a personal question." Alvar said not looking at her as he stared up at the ceiling. Sophie waited for him to go on as she rubbed her side. "Are you and Fitz together?" Alvar asked. Sophie groaned and looked up at the ceiling. "I don't know." She said. "Honestly your brother is confusing." She said. Alvar laughed, "I know." Sophie sighed, "I won't lie Alvar. You were right. I do like him, it always has been him, and no matter how much I like you... I like Fitz better...he makes me happy. I hate hurting you but I won't lie to you either." Sophie turned to look at Alvar, her head resting on the couch, Alvar let out another breath before turning to her.

"That's what makes me love you more." Alvar said. "You refuse to lie, even though it may hurt, you are honest." He said with a painful smile. He brought his hand up hesitantly, brushing a strand of hair out of her face. He left his hand on her cheek, "Please come back..." Sophie whispered. "That's selfish of you." Alvar said quietly, "Wanting to keep us both." He said. "Can you blame me?" Sophie asked. Alvar grinned, "No, I really can't." He said, "If anyone deserves to be selfish, it's you." Alvar said, Sophie refused to let herself hope just yet, swallowing she waited.

"I'll just have to settle for being your friend." Alvar winced as he said it. "No matter how much it hurts. As long as you're happy." He said. Sophie felt a smile start to form, but Alvar's next words quickly stopped it. "On one condition..." He said. His thumb trailing over her cheek bone. "Condition?" Sophie squeaked. Alvar smiled as he sat up and faced her. "It's nothing to big...just something I've had on my wish list for a while." He said. "Yes?" Sophie asked cautiously. Alvar smiled at her pale face, and shook his head. "Never mind. Forget it." He said. "No! I'll do it." Sophie blurted in panic. Alvar's eyebrows rose. "You really want me home?" He asked. Sophie nodded. "Yes. We all want you home." She said. "Alright than...." Alvar said leaning forward.

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