Preference #20 - Wet Dreams

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#20 - WET DREAMS (This is a dirty one ;) so be aware)

Louis: He had gotten drunk and, of course, he always seems to try and get you to sleep with him when he’s drunk. “C’mon, y/n. I’m not tired yet, I don’t wanna go home yet.” He whined as you pulled him up the stairs, practically supporting his entire weight, and you quickly sat him on the bed. “We’re already home, Lou. Now I’m gonna go get you some water so that you don’t have a massive hangover tomorrow…” You said, making sure that Louis would stay there instead of following you like he usually does, and quickly running down the stairs. You grabbed a glass of ice water and scurried back up that stairs only to see that Louis was passed out asleep on the bed, mumbling in his sleep. You quickly set down the water, changed into pajamas, and climbed into bed next to Louis. You were awoken hours later be Louis’ groans filling the room as he clutched the bed sheets in his hands. You chuckled as you noticed that his jeans had become extremely tight. “Please, y/n,” He mumbled quietly, his hips bucking up slightly. “Don’t tease me now, please.” As smirk grew on your face as you began to unbutton his jeans, pulling them down along with his boxers while it seemed like Louis was completely unaware of everything going on, completely consumed in his dream. You wrapped your hand around his length, pumping up and down as his moans only seemed to grow louder. “Fuck, y/n,” He said, his eyes finally opening though his words were still slightly slurred. “This feels fucking amazing. Give me your mouth, baby, please. I need it.”

Liam: It felt like heaven as Liam slipped himself into you, his fingers rubbing on your clit. “You like this, Y/n? You like being fucked when there are so many people just outside the door that could catch us.” You nodded your head slightly, biting you lip in order to control your moans. “Answer me” Liam said, his hand slammed against your ass causing you to squeal as he kneaded the skin that he had just hit. “When I ask you a question, you answer me.” Your eyes slipped open as you felt teeth bite into you thigh gently. “Glad you’re finally awake, y/n. I’ve been eating you out for almost ten minutes now. You taste so fucking good too. I planned on fucking you later tonight after our romantic dinner,” He mumbled, pushing another finger into you. “But I guess I could fuck you now to prepare you for later since you always tell me how big I am…”

Niall: “Y/n,” You heard Niall mumble. You quickly looked up to notice that Niall was completely asleep on the couch across from you. His words were brushed off as you focused your attention back to your favorite book. “Take in more, baby, please.” He continued to talk in his sleep, his hand moving down to rest against his length through his sweat pants. You giggled quietly and moved from your spot on your chair to straddle his waist, careful to not awake him. You lifted your hips slightly in order to pull his sweatpants down a bit causing his hard on to slap against his stomach since he wasn’t wearing any boxers. Since he was already hard, you quickly slipped off your shorts and underwear and sank down on top of him. You let out a loud groan as soon as he entered you. His eyes slowly opened his eyes and, as soon as he realized what was actually going on, his hands gripped on your waist as he controlled your speed, making you move much faster than you were moving originally. “Just like that, baby.” He said, his fingers digging into your hips as he released moans and curses into the living room. “I love waking up to you bouncing on my cock. Y-You should definitely do this more often.”

Zayn: You moaned as you felt Zayn push inside of you. “I’m in control tonight, y/n. So you’re not going to make a sound without my permission, got it?” You nodded your head in reply to him as you pulled tightly against the handcuffs, wanting desperately to touch Zayn. “Nuh uh, stop trying, y/n. Be a good girl now, baby, and let me have my way with you.” You were quickly awoken when you felt a harsh bite on your chest. “Zayn? Oh,” You moaned as he swirled his tongue around your nipple while kneading the other to give it some attention. “You like that?” He mumbled into your chest, biting down on your nipple slightly. “Uh huh,” You moaned, your arms wrapped around his waist, your nails digging into his skin. “F-Feels good. I-I wish I could wake up like this all time.” He chuckled as he lifted your leg onto his shoulder. “Don’t worry, baby, we will…”

Harry: You sighed, desperately wanting to be asleep though it seemed that you couldn’t no matter what you tried, as you felt Harry turn around in bed, completely asleep. You continued to move around in bed, trying to get comfortable, as you felt Harry drape his arm around you. Harry pulled your body tight against his and he let out a groan as he did so. You laughed as you felt his hard-on against you butt. “Fuck.” He said, practically grinding himself against your butt. Maybe being awake isn’t such a bad thing sometimes, you thought as you turned around to face him. “Hazza,” You said, running your hand through his hair in order to wake him up. As soon as he opened his eyes, it seemed like he was blushing, knowing how much his dream had affected him. “Tell about the dream you were having, Harry. Maybe we can recreate it…”

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