Chapter Seventeen

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"Hold on." Keefe said as he looked up at Sophie and Dex. "Are you saying there is more then one Moonlark?"

Sophie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "No." Sophie said as she blew out her breath. "I'm saying, I'm not the only one who has a part to play in the Black Swan's plans."

"What exactly are their plans?" Tam asked. Sophie shrugged, clueless. She could feel her eyes starting to well up. That was another thing she was tired of, it felt as if she had cried more in the past few days then she had in her life. She was tired of the constant stinging behind her eyes, the tears that threatened to drop. "I don't even know anymore." She said. "What I do know..." She said as she pulled on her jacket, for the comfort of feeling protected, but the oversized jacket made her feel small, and insignificant. "I..." The information she had read in Delia's mind, that felt like years ago, had been pressing down on every thought. "I was a failed experiment."

Myth leaned against Sophie's legs, as if it to comfort her, but it was only more weight on Sophie. More pressure. Sophie couldn't look at her friends in her eyes. "They couldn't just kill me off, so they changed plans, they...they created project Moonlark out of a failed experiment." Sophie's eyes seemed to dry, even though they still stung. Sophie found courage in her, that she didn't know she had, and she faced her friends. "I changed everything. Wylie is another key...he isn't as strong as me, but he still has an enormous pressure of fulfilling what the Black Swan wants."

"But you said the Black Swan lied to us." Dex said. Sophie's eyes went to him, and he stepped back as if her were hit by a physical force. "No way." He pulled the 'puzzle' out of his bag. He tossed it to Sophie and she caught it. As she took it under the kitchen light everyone crowded around her, as she traced the arched swan neck engraved in the sphere. Just like the arch on Leanne's neck, curving just below her ear, and with every Black Swan members she had seen in the human world. "But what's this?" Keefe asked, pointing to the other side of the sphere. Sophie turned it, and there, she saw it before anyone else. It triggered a memory. A memory she shouldn't have had. "Lodestar." Sophie muttered.

"What?" Elwin asked. "It's the Neverseen." Sophie said, as she stared closer at the engraved Lodestar. In the middle was the tale tall blind eye, staring back at her. Raising the sphere to her mouth Sophie spoke. "Project Moonlark: Swan song. Lodestar initiative: Last Stand." The eye burned white and the light spread through the Lodestar, the swan glowed a dark haunting black. Everyone stepped back, as the sphere heated up in Sophie's hand, burning her skin, but she was entranced at what she saw. Cracks formed on the metal like rock, breaking away, light engulfed Sophie, as every memory that was made during project Moonlark burned in her mind. Melody and Calla stood side by side, as Mr. Forkle gradually twisted her DNA with Physic beside him, adding and choosing abilities.

Sophie spotted two dark shadows blocked out as they hovered nearby. Sophie couldn't see who it was. It was s if she were staring and watching from above them. It looked like a white lab, with shiny floors, Sophie was no more then a slimy...thing at that time. "'s very good name Calla. Especially for what we are about to do." Mr. Forkle was saying. Though his voice sounded different. Deeper, richer. Delia who was more off to the side agreed. Prentice was dressed like a proper scientist, with a knee length white lab coat. His thick black hair had been twisted into thick dread locks, and held back by one of the braids. His eyes were bright and healthy... Alive...and there. Unlike when Sophie had saw him.

His teeth glistened like pearls when he smiled. "That's why we have Calla here. She is smart." He said, before growing serious. "It's to bad our first plan won't work."

"That is why we always have a back up plan." Mr. Forkle said. He had on lass spectacles, like the ones Elwin often wore. He had on gloves along with a syringe, as he stared down at the round glass set on the table. The shadows hovered closer...Sophie felt an warmth come from if they cared about her, as if they were worried. Sophie then realized those were her unknown parents. Iver and his brother stood aside watching every move Mr. Forkle did, the Neverseen and Black Swan had once been at peace.

The memories flashed away and Sophie already knew another layer of secrets lie underneath the brittle brown sphere. "Moonlark treaty: Conflict and Power." She said. More memories pushed into her mind.

It was the Black Swan collective, Iver and his brother arguing. Fighting on whether or not to destroy Sophie, by the sounds of it she had just been born, and had caused an uproar at the hospital. Mr. Forkle and the collective opposed it, but Iver and his brother felt that it was wrong, so they cut their branch of power from the Black Swan, the once complete organization was at war with itself, but it looked as if Iver and his brother had already started to rebel against the rules of the Black Swan and cut themselves off, it had only been a matter of time before they completely pulled away. Sophie had just been the one to complete it.

Then she saw another meeting, more calm but tension still rose in the air. The Moonlark treaty, Mr. Forkle had agreed the Neverseen could create their own Moonlark, in case Sophie got out of control or became to powerful they created Lodestar initiative, to destroy her, but the Neverseen hadn't followed the rules, the agreement. They created a dark creature, they created her killer. Sophie watched as none other then Lady Gisella leaned over a sleeping baby, and pressed a needle into his arm. Shooting darkness into his veins. Keefe was Lodestar initiative. Keefe was supposed to be the one who'd kill her if she got out of control, Keefe was part of the Neverseen whether he liked it or not.

Sophie brought the now cold sphere. "Moonlark: Sophie Foster. Lodestar initiative: Keefe Sencen."

The memories showed Keefe and Sophie growing up completely different lives. Sophie in constant pain, just trying to stay out of the way, trying to be normal and fit in, but Keefe trying to to everything in his power to stick out. Become his own person, be different then his family, to fight the darkness that threatened to overpower him. Sophie was afraid of the light inside her and tried to hide it, but Keefe wanted nothing more then for his to burn brighter, he wanted to burn in that light, he feared drowning in the darkness. But when the Neverseen realized Sophie and Keefe had become friends they went beyond all rules, they created something that was destroyed long ago. They created something powerful, angry, and mad.

They created a dark elf.

The last part of the sphere looked the oldest, weaved between stone, metal, jewels, and wood, was a kind of binding that held all parts of each material together. It looked as if all species including the ogres had agreed to lock the next  secret away.

"Dark Elves: Banishment and destruction." Sophie said. She was afraid of what she might find, she knew what ever the sphere was about to show her, would be what she would be fighting. What was created to kill her.

Her vanquisher. Her enemy.

Her downfall.

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