Chapter Eight

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"Be careful!" Delia called to a cloaked Neverseen. Sophie transmitted to a extremely calm Silveny to fly. Throwing off her jacket, Sophie's energy burned she the out her hands mustering all her rage and anger, and frustration that she had sealed up the past months, of not knowing anything besides her journal.

"Leave her alone!" Sophie thundered, hardly recognizing her own voice. Silveny bucked and ran to another field, before giving a joyful nicker as she rolled in the grass. Delia fell, but the other Neverseen threw up a shield and Sophie knew who it was immediately. She cursed louder then ever as she ran at the shield. Ruy dropped the shield and it was an all out fist to fist battle. No abilities, no mind tricks, just fist after fist, punch after punch. But both had an advantage. Sophie had both sucker punches, as Ruy had thick metal razor sharp knives at the end of his finger tips like claws.

Sophie delivered a solid punch to Ruy's stomach but the black claws came up slashing her face, Sophie other fist came up in a jaw breaking uppercut. Ruy's clawed hand dug into her shoulder as his other came up. Myth was snarling, but could do nothing for fear of hurting Sophie. Sophie twisted out of Ruy's grip, she spun, lifting her leg in a round, hour her boot hit Ruy's rib, making his arm go up as he flew back, Sophie felt a crunch beneath her boot, they stood a few feet across from each other panting, staring at each other. Just a moment of silence, a moment of observing each other. Accepting that this was the first battle of the war that had been started with the innocent birth of a girl.

Then as if a silent bell rung, signaling the second round, Ruy and Sophie charged each other head on. Ruy jumped in the air, his hand raised to swipe down on Sophie, Sophie leaned back, and slid underneath his feet, turning over she faced his back,she punched with all her might into the middle of his spine, making Ruy stumble forward, Sophie didn't let him regain his balance, but tackled him to the ground, a blinding rage burned in her, as fist after fist came down. However Ruy twisted, turned and squirmed out of her pin, clawing at her face, arms, legs, chest, anything he managed to get a slice at.  Blood was seeping from every wound, skin was cracked, ribs were broken, Sophie saw her opening and drew her hand back, as far as she could her elbow hitting somebody who had snuck up behind her, she threw her fist straight into Ruy's nose.


Ruy's eyes rolled back as he passed out, Sophie duck and spun around to find Neverseen behind her, but this time three figures stood in front of her. Two down, three to go she thought, wiping blood away from her split lip. She took a step but stopped and looked down to see another Neverseen passed out, the one she had elbowed. Three down, three to go. Sophie corrected herself before charging into the midsts of the Neverseen.

A round house came first, colliding with a face so hard, a few teeth were knock out. Crouching, Sophie kicked her leg out, as she ducked a fist that had flown at her. Legs swished out from under the Neverseen, and before Sophie had seen it, a knee hit her head, making her see stars as he head whirled and pounded, her vision was blurry but Sophie shook the pain away...or tried to any way, as she stumbled back, she saw a flash of and hair, strike as fast as lightening. Making a scissor kick, a couple prestigiously placed punches and finishing it off with a massive kick to the chest making the figure fall...unconscious.

"No!" Sophie shouted as the figure she had tripped got back up, a medler in his hands, aiming at Keefe. Keefe couldn't have done anything had he seen hit anyways, he fell to the ground frozen in pain. Myth could do nothing about it. Sophie tried to get up, but a toothless Neverseen weakly clamped something on her foot that pinned it down. One Neverseen gathered Delia in his arms, the other managed to drag Ruy and the other Neverseen. Just as they were leaping a golden object fell from one's pocket, "Hey!" Grady shouted at the Neverseen as they leaped away and the others sparkled into sight.

It had happened in a matter of seconds The battle had ended in seconds, but it left Sophie mattered in her own blood, exhausted and a spinning head. Had she and Keefe won? As Sophie stared at where the Neverseen had disappeared she would of called it, them retreating. Then Sophie remembered where she was at. Havenfield. Her home, which meant the Neverseen had gained more ground then to be expected. "Sophie!" Edaline cried. "Help Keefe! And Silveny!" Sophie said as she bent down to tear of the cuff that bolted her to the ground. Ripping it off she shakily stood, Linh was already at Keefe's side, digging her fingers at the base of his neck.

Sophie walked to his side, kneeling down beside him he jerked awake, "Ah!" He yelped as he sat up. Sophie let out a breath, before her hand shot out and smacked the back of his head. "Hey!" Keefe said rubbing his already aching head. "Don't do that again." Sophie told him, before looking up where Grady and Edaline were trying to calm Silveny. Sophie went to Myth's side. "I got this. Go calm down Silveny." Dex said beating her to Myth. Sophie nodded before calling Silveny to her side. The panicked alicorn rushed to her side, bucking and shying away from everyone else. "Hey. Ssshhh." Sophie said softly, she remembered Silveny, the night her and Keefe had flown to an island to get her mind fixed, Silveny getting hurt.

Sophie wrapped her hand around Silveny's mane, causing blood to stain the cool moon like strands, Sophie lead her away. "Everything is okay." Sophie promised the magnificent creature. Sophie showed Silveny how Keefe had protected her. As Sophie showed Silveny, the more her memories came back, every single one of them came. Keefe also saving her the embarrassment of nearly telling Fitz about her stupid crush on him.

Her memories poured in like flood gates being open wider and wider. Iver and his brother calling her once a month, ripping her away from one place to the next. First Alaska, then the abandoned island, then England, Africa, South America and last Scotland. Sophie had never been more thankful for being a polyglot. A soft trickle of calms emotions touched her soul and Sophie pressed her for head to Silveny's neck, as she wrapped her arms around Silveny.

Silveny arched her neck over Sophie's shoulder, and pressed her nose, into Sophie's back, in a hug, her wings spread out, hiding Sophie from view of the others. "Sophie?" Silveny's voice for once was calm. "Sophie okay?" It was regaining it's energetic and lively sound. "I'm okay. You?" Sophie transmitted.

"Baby okay! Keefe okay! Sophie okay! Friend okay!"

"Good. Now why do you keep coming to the Neverseen?" Sophie asked, as a mental image popped in her head she snorted. "Alright then." As Sophie pulled away she realized she had left a small ring of blood around Silveny's pure white neck. It twisted her gut. Instead she carefully lead Silveny to the garden of swizzlespice. Silveny had been craving it more then anything. Silveny opened her stinky mouth and started chomping down on the vegetation. Sophie stepped back, and arms wrapped around her instantly, cradling her to a strong chest a voice spoke.

"You scared me." Keefe said. "Please...please don't do that again." He begged, only loud enough for her to hear. Sophie should have blushed, that's what her old self would have done, but she wasn't that girl any more...was she? She didn't pull out her eyelashes, she hardly blushed, she fought Ruy face to face head on. She knew who everyone was, but did she know who she was?

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