Chapter Two

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Where did she come from? Was it safe to invite her in? Why was she out in the middle of the storm? Was she hurt by somebody?

Sharp words dug into Sophie's brain, making her wince as she opened her eyes. She found herself blocking the thoughts, as if boxing herself off. The pain receded but never completely left. Sophie couldn't move, and every muscle was sore. Opening her eyes she was greeted by the sight of Myth's sick fur. She wiggled, making Myth grunt, and paw her chest roughly, as if to say...a little longer. However the breath rushed out of Sophie at the heavy swatting paw. "M-Myth..." She gasped, making Myth heave a long tired sigh and roll off of her. Sophie sat up gasping.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Kyle asked setting a mug of steaming coffee on the kitchen counter. Sophie waved him away. "Fine." She wheezed. The sound Myth made, sounded as if he were scoffing at her weakness. "Hush you." She said staring at Myth, who turned his black nose up at her.  "What does he eat anyways?" Kyle asked, as a loud rumble nearly shook the house, Sophie could only hope it was Myth's stomach. "Um..." Sophie stared at Myth, wondering if he'd eat human food.  "Fish?" She guessed, before looking at Kyle and nodding. "Fish."

"Don't tell me as a particular kind of fish he likes."

"He likes shark mostly...but he'll deal with what ever you have." Sophie said as she stood up. "Shark?" Kyle shook his head. "What would you like for breakfast?" He asked. "I'm not picky." Sophie said as she rubbed Myth's shoulders, pushing him on his back, she scratched the soft under belly of her companion. "Not picky she says." Kyle's thoughts stung Sophie's mind, making her wince. Blocking was going to be something she'd have to write. Pulling her journal out she wrote, about how to block human thoughts, before she placed it back in her pocket. "Where are my clothes?" She asked, looking for her elvin  clothes. "Hhmm? Oh I threw them in the wash, they were muddy." Kyle said, pointing at the washer and dryer pushed into the corner of the kitchen, the dryer was shaking but Sophie could see her clothes tossing and turning.

"Thank you." She said, "For everything." She said.
Kyle had his back turned to her as he started the stove. "I should be the one thanking you. I thought about what you said last night. You're right, I really shouldn't have people who don't make me happy around me. I decided anyone who doesn't want me doing the right thing, of helping someone out, isn't a good person at all, so I called Alena up, and I ended it." Kyle glanced over at Sophie and smiled. "I have to say, I feel a new man almost. She's coming over later today to pick her things up."

"Should I change?" Sophie asked looking down at the Knockout sweatpants. "No, Alena never liked those anyways. I got them for her, for Christmas. She wore them once. So why not put them to use and give them to you?" Kyle shrugged as he started chopping food on the counter. "Thank you." Sophie said. Kyle chuckled. "You're welcome, and thank you." He said. Sophie smiled. "You're welcome."

"I do have to wonder though that really your name?" Kyle asked as he started mixing the veggies together with sandwich meat, and eggs. "No." Sophie shook her head as the dryer buzzed. Myth stood and lumbered over to the dryer pulled it open and picked up Sophie's clothes with his mouth and carried them to her. Kyle watched as Myth set the clothes in Sophie's lap. "Neat trick." He said. "I should teach my dogs to do that...." He said half to himself and half to Sophie, before turning back to the stove. "So, want to tell me your real name?" He asked. Sophie hesitated..."Alright then." Kyle shrugged. "You might want to get ready, officer Rose will be here soon."

"Is she the one in the picture?" Sophie asked. "What picture?" Kyle asked. Sophie pointed to the picture on the shelf, Kyle smiled. "That's her. I had just bought Firewave  and got my flying license, and she had just graduated the police academy." Kyle stared fondly at the picture before shaking his head, and looking back at the food in the frying pan. "We've been best friends since we were children. We went to school together and everything." Sophie stood up and quickly went to the bathroom, and changed. Braiding her hair, to the side, she folded Alena's clothes, and placed them on the bed, before going back to the kitchen, where Kyle was placing a mouthwatering omelet on the table.

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