Chapter Eighteen

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The sphere in Sophie's hands burst and shattered into gold light, as the kitchen became a battle zone.

Elves, humans, goblins, ogres, trolls and gnomes were at war. Not against each other, no they were fighting one enemy.

With glowing red eyes, sharp pointed teeth, and curved horns on their head, killing everything in their path, they looked more like demons then anything, Sophie and her friends found out just what Dark elves were.

They weren't necessarily dark, yes some had dark skin, but others were pale as ivory, or a dirt brown. They fought like mad men, killing each other, and everything else near them, they had blood that was black like tar. Sophie spotted an arrow shoot straight through one's heart and she didn't seem to notice as she continued fighting. It was a blood bath, in the kitchen. Though everything was holographic, Sophie dodged as an axe wielding viking swung and loped the head of a dark elf off.

Humans fought beside elves, ogres fought by goblins, trolls by gnomes, they fought for their lives against the demons who had no consciousness, as they used everything they had to fight. Sophie heard her friends shocked and surprised yelps. But Sophie was focused on the ogre King and Goblin Queen fighting, back to back they were surrounded. Fighting harder then anyone in the blood bath. Axes, darts, clubs, swords and every other sort of weapon they used were in constant use. The battlefield quickly switched to Eternalia. Eight Dark Elves were bound and gagged, kneeling before a council who Sophie didn't recognize.

They spoke in twelves voices, of one answer. "We hereby banish you from Eternalia." Then it showed the same elves bowed before the ogres, goblins, humans, trolls and gnomes. Their answers were the same. Banishment. The elves were sent to roam through the mutual territories. But one by one they killed each other off, to desperate for blood shed to hold themselves back, the last one died by falling on his own sword. Every single creature, animal alike had it's memories wiped clean, no sign of the pollution...then came the humans betrayal, then the holograph stopped. Silence sounded like drums in Sophie's ears.

Her heart pounded as she swallowed hard. She'd be facing one of those things. The Neverseen had created one. Before anyone could even speak, Elwin fainted.


"He's not waking up." Linh said after she had slapped Elwin's cheeks with water, tried smelling salts from his bag. Nothing worked. Dex was pacing, "What are we going to do?" He asked. Keefe and Fitz were arguing over what best way to try and wake up Elwin, with warm or cold water. Tam's jaw was clenched as he kneeled next to his sister and Biana, who were both digging through Elwin's bag, trying to find more smelling salts. It was loud and Sophie could hear herself think.

"Alright ENOUGH!" She shouted making everyone freeze. "I can call two people that can help us. One: a human doctor who thinks I jumped off a four story building and might possibly be extremely angry at me." Sophie said.

"Or?" Tam asked. Sophie bit her lip as her eyes went to Biana and for the first time, into Fitz's eyes. "Alvar." Sophie said.

"No." Biana said. "Let's take a vote." Keefe said. "Elwin needs help, so we either call this doctor who think Foster might be dead -I want more on that, later-" he said shooting a glance at Sophie. "Or Alvar who is out of the Neverseen. I vote Alvar." Keefe said. "Alvar is our safest option." Tam agreed. "But I want a shadow vapor read on him." He said. "Besides who knows if this human could even take care of an elf." Linh said. "Alvar." She nodded. That left Dex, Biana, Fitz and Sophie to vote. "I can't face my brother....not yet." Biana shook her head. "I don't want him here. At all." Fitz added, his voice deepening into a growl of anger. Sophie looked at Dex, who looked confused.

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