Chapter Ten

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"Where are we even going?" Dex asked, allowing himself to be pulled along. "We're going on a walk." Sophie said, as she lead him through Eternalia.

She still felt sore and weak but something was wrong with Dex, and she wasn't about to shove him aside, for some stupid ball plans. "So what's wrong?" She asked as they strolled past a fountain. Sandor trailed close behind them. "Nothing. Why would you think anything is wrong?" Dex asked.

Sophie looked at him. "You're my best friend Dex. I can tell is something is wrong. You've been really quiet." Sophie said. Dex sighed, "Okay, some things are wrong right now, but I'm handling it." He said, as they stopped in the shade of a unity tree. "Is there anything I can do to help?" Sophie asked. Dex shook his head before stopping. "Maybe...I just need advice I guess, guidance, I'm not good at this stuff." Dex said, as he glanced at Sandor. "You can't say a word either."

"As long as it doesn't endanger Sophie." Sandor said. Dex sighed and started walking. "Well...I...I like somebody." He said. He glanced at Sophie as if to see if she'd start laughing or teasing him. "Alright." Sophie nodded, "You aren't going to ask who it is?" Dex asked. "You're already going to tell me, and I already have a guess of who it is." Dex sighed. "That obvious huh?" He asked. "I Biana." He said, his face turning red. "She is very likable." Sophie agreed. Biana was beautiful, she was charming, perfect and yet she had a strong character, with very unique views on life.

"Why aren't you teasing me?" Dex asked. "Do you want to be teased?" Sophie asked. "Well's just that Mom and Dad know I like someone and won't stop asking or teasing me...and the triplets found out a couple days ago...I guess I just expected it."

"Dex, I'd never tease about something that is so important to you." Sophie said. "I never will." Dex blew out a breath of relief. "Wow...that felt good to say. Finally. You won't tell her will you?" He asked. "No." Sophie shook her head. "But I might be able to help you." Sophie said. "How?" Dex asked. "Find her before Keefe or Tam does." Sophie said. "Wouldn't that be cheating?" He asked with a smile so big his dimples showed. "No, it'd just be not following the rules for a goof cause." Sophie said with an equally big smile.

"Well what's the plan?" He asked.


"Here. I had it made for me such a long time ago, but I never got the chance to wear it." Melody said a few hours later, pulling a blue dress out of her closet. Sophie stood in her under garments on a stool, as she waited. Melody swirled around the room with the dress before helping Sophie in it.

Thankfully Sandor waited outside the door. The dress hung past Sophie's feet, and the sleeve were much to long. "It's perfect!" Melody said. "The color. I can add some fabric here and there, a touch up on the sleeves....and I'll have a mask made specifically for you." Melody promised, as she set about pinning the hem, to Sophie's height. "I'm guessing you won't want heels...flats will do...dark blue perhaps...yes dark blue." She half told Sophie and half to herself.

"Of course we'll need to start taming your hair now. You like cinnamon right? Of course you do you always smell of it." The calm energy around Melody still remained, but it had a kind of electric excitement in it. Sophie couldn't help but feel nervous for the dance. "You know how to dance right?" Melody asked. "Yes, I learned in detention with Rowan." Sophie answered. Melody chuckled, "Ah, detention must of changed drastically since I was in school. We had to give up our free days of school and go back to learn twice as much." Melody said.

Melody's home was Sophie's dream home. With gardens, and fresh air swirling around it, cleansing it, it smelled of flowers that Sophie would catch a wiff of for only a moment, then having to wait in anticipation to smell the heavenly smell again. It wasn't massive, but it wasn't small. It was neatly sized with perfectly balanced colors, to cause a sweet calming mood, that made Sophie relax as she wanted to get up and change the world.

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