Chapter Twenty-Five

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Sophie's Brave playlist:

People like us. (Kelly Clarkson.)
Stronger. (Kelly Clarkson.)
Dark side. (You guessed it! Kelly Clarkson.)
Warrior. (Demi Lovato.)
Unsteady. (x Ambassadors.)
Unconditionally. (Katy Perry.)
Invincible. (Kelly Clarkson.)
Fight Song. (Rachel Platten.)
Stand by you. (Rachel Platten.)
Brave. (Sara Bareilles.)
Better place. (Rachel Platten.)
Superman. (Rachel Platten.)



"I've already got a bet going." Sophie said, turning away from the brothers imploring eyes, her face heating up.

"Oh come on we're all getting into it." Kyle said. "I've personally got twenty bucks on the Alvar kid." Kyle said. "Raise that to fifty and you're on." Rose said. "Uh-oh." Sophie mumbled. "Sixty." Kyle said. "Sixty five." Rose fired. "Seventy." Kyle shot back. "Seventy nine." Rose smiled sweetly at Kyle. "Eighty five and that's the highest I can go." Kyle said.

"Deal." Rose and Kyle both shook hands, and Kyle looked like he was about to faint from the grip Rose had. Sophie looked down at Myth who was in his armor, looking like a full warrior beast. "I'll bet a secret on Fitz." Biana said quietly. "Done." Della said surprising everyone. She had a wide smile on her face. "Mom!" Fitz said looking shocked. "I'll make custard bursts if Alvar loses." Della said. Alden jumped in next, before Sophie knew it everyone was staring at her, expecting her to join in the gamble. The brothers had their elbows set on the table, their hands gripping each others and their free hands behind their backs.

They stared at Sophie, asking which she'd choose. Whose side? Sophie glanced around the room, sighing she leaned against her board and looked at each pair of teal eyes, that felt like they were digging into her soul and worming their way into her heart. "A secret." She nodded. "On who?" Both teens asked, before shooting each other a glare and looking back at Sophie, not realizing everyone else had echoed them. Sophie bit the inside of her cheek, as her eyes darted between the two. Alvar or Fitz? On one hand Alvar was like a forgotten prince with perfect manners, but on the other, Fitz was her cognate partner, they had shared secrets, they trusted each other, and he was like a king.

Alvar was kind to her, he treated her like someone would treat a prized possession. Gentle and loving. Fitz was a bit more reckless but he was sweet, he was new at romantic feelings. He had never had a girlfriend before, he was learning, but he had saved her life, he had made mistakes but so had Sophie. Neither of them were perfect, Alvar had hurt Sophie but so had Fitz. What secret did Sophie have? That she could actually tell...that Fitz didn't know. Sophie's heart hammered, as she stood up straight. "Never mind." She blurted, as exchanged Keefe's blue board and handed him the white, before giving Fitz the blue and Alvar green. "We should go. We're going to be late." She said as she heard everyone start grumbling.

Sophie pulled a thicker coat over her red hoodie. Sophie pulled on one glove as she reached for the front door, however an arm pulled her back. "On who?" Kyle asked as he pulled her back to the living room. "I thought this was settle-" Sophie shot Keefe a glare, as he had his blue board, and the white lay across the green, creating an 'X' on the floor. "I don't want to bet, just get this over with." Sophie said hoping her face wasn't as red as her hoodie. "How about who ever wins gets to name what they want from you?" Fitz asked. "Fine just get this over wi- wait no!" Sophie said realizing what she had just said, but the boys were already shoving against each other's hands.

Something fluttered in her stomach as she watched the arm wrestle. "Come on Alvar crush him!" Keefe said, which started a round of encouraging calls. Strangely, Sophie found herself rooting for Fitz. She wanted him to win, but she also didn't want him to win. Alvar's arm started to bend back, as Fitz's own arm tensed as he gritted his teeth. "No, no come on Alvar you're stronger then that!" Kyle said. "Come on finish him son." Rose said rooting for Fitz. However Alvar pushed against Fitz's muscle, pushing it back, farther and farther. Fitz's face was stormy before it relaxed and he smiled as he realized he was beat, as Alvar pushed his hand down to the table.

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