Chapter Twenty-One

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(Some violence...but it is just a demon/dark elf. So...)


Sophie didn't sleep that night. Sitting under the window she watched night come and go.

Dark elves were ruthless things with no present state of mind, no regret and no fear, they wanted blood shed, they were creatures born of chaos, so how was Sophie supposed to fight them? Well it? The one the Neverseen had created, to destroy her and Keefe? And Keefe? Lady Gisella had injected him with some sort of darkness, and that's what he was fighting.

If the darkness took over him would he turn on her? Would he try to hurt her? There were enough unanswered questions already, not to mention the inner war inside of her. She didn't even want to join in to it, to try and sort things out. Why couldn't things work out on it's own? At the top of the stairs, Myth lay sleeping, giving a slight snore.

As the sky started lightening, Sophie stood up. Shrugging off her jacket, she set about making breakfast. Sophie was tired, but she would never be able to get sleep. Not while Elwin was hurt, not while a dark elf was hunting her down, and certainly not when a war was going, not while two wars were going on. Sophie pushed her headphones in her ears, and turned on her 'Angry' playlist.

The music wasn't nearly as jarring as she remembered, but it still jolted her mind, she turned the volume to high, blocking out all other sound, she set to working.

Sophie managed to eat, but she found herself restlessly pacing the living room. Everyone seemed to wake up at the same time, around sunrise. Except Keefe and Dex, who seemed to be late sleepers. Sophie continued pacing, as everyone got breakfast. She needed to fight,but she was afraid, she was scared, and she wanted nothing more then to hide out here in the forbidden cities, until the war ended, but no one else could fight what was to come.

They're were more keys, to defeat the dark elf. That's what she needed to do. She needed to gather the keys, she needed to rally the forces of the Black Swan, she would need help. She couldn't gather the keys alone. She'd need every bit of help she could get. Who else was a key? What could they do? What part did Sophie play in all this? Slowing her pacing Sophie glanced up at the ceiling. Her arms wrapped tighter around her. What part did she play? Was she really the only one who could fight? If she wasn't, then why did she have to fight at all? What about the other keys? Couldn't they be brave? Couldn't they be strong? Couldn't they fight? Couldn't they lead?

Sophie had started pacing again, she was cold. She was cold with fear, shivering with anxiety, shaking with dread. She wasn't brave, she wasn't courageous, really she was a coward, she was afraid...every muscle was tense with terror, her heart pounding in fright. She couldn't protect her friends, her family, she couldn't protect her home, she had turned and run. She was hiding like Alvar said. She should have stayed and faced the fight, the war that was marching to her.

She should have stood her ground, she should have faced everything and risen. She should have faced Iver and his brother. Sophie started turning to continued pacing but Myth shoved her to the ground. Sophie's breath whooshed out of her, as she heard glass shattering, taking her back to the Neverseen base for only a moment. The sounded of loud yelling and panic, made her ears pop as she looked up to see the marble like figure, dressed in sharp metal armor, black horns protruded from it's head, as it roared at her cowering friends, who had dropped to the ground when the glass had shattered.

Sharp needle like teeth were bared, a wide open pink mouth looked wrong on it's fearsome chiseled and sculpted face. The skin of the creature was a dirt brown tan, with black swirls curling up every inch of it. Muscle looked to be packed on rock hard muscles. It carried long curving blades that reminded Sophie of a saber tooth tiger's teeth. It's red eyes burned around the room, until they met Sophie's. Sophie was positive her heart was going to overload and stop, because of it jerking and slamming against her rib cage. Fear griped and clawed at her sanity. Her hope was gone, she didn't want to face this thing, she didn't want to die, but she knew she was going too. She knew she would never win against the creature with the lust for bloodshed flowing through it's thoughts, it's body and it's very DNA. It would stop at nothing for blood.

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