Chapter 3

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Sophie's song (in me opinion) :Warrior, by: Demi Lovato. You guys have to hear it.


The police station was warm, and the chair Sophie sat in was comfortable, and she watched as Rose who was in an office tap away on her computer as she tried to find Nick Loskie.

The police had been nice to her, offering her hot chocolate, water, food, and even a blanket. But she was full, and Myth kept her warmer than any blanket could. They regarded Myth with unsure friendliness, not being sure what he was made them uneasy. Beside her in another chair Kyle sat, with his feet under Myth. He looked around the waiting room.

"So, this Nick you have a good or bad feeling about him?" Kyle asked after a moment. "Good." Sophie answered immediately. "That's good. I guess. Any other names coming to mind?" He asked. Sophie shook her head, for some reason the color of ivory kept appearing. There was something important about that color, it was as if her mind was trying to piece memories back together. Only a flash of a picture burst into her vision before fading away. A black swan gliding across a crystal clear lake, giving out a magestic sound, that pulled at Sophie's heart, it was full of joy and happiness of past memories, sadness of leaving this world, and the nervous restlessness of seeing what was next.

"Swan song." Sophie said. "What?" Kyle asked. "Swan song." Sophie repeated. "Swan song?" Kyle echoed. "I'm not completely sure what that is, but I know we sure don't have swans here."

"But I'm not from here." Sophie frowned. "Say that again?" Kyle asked. Sophie didn't have to read his mind to know what he was thinking. She laughed. "I'm not an alien. I just meant I wasn't from Alaska."

"Where are you from?" Kyle asked. "Somewhere warmer." Sophie said making him chuckle. "Sef, Kyle, could you step in here." Rose asked, opening her office door. Myth followed them into the office, and Rose pulled down the blinds, before sitting behind her desk, the phone was off the line and set down. "Nick says he doesn't remember meeting a Sef, but he's agreed to talk to you." Rose said. "Just to see if you both might get a memory jog. Alright?" Rose asked. Sophie nodded, and took the phone, placing it against her ear, she opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"Hello?" Flashbacks started. The funeral for Josh Loskie, Nick babysitting her, all the deep conversations, then him moving away. "Nick?" Sophie managed, as tears welled up. Nick seemed to suck in a breath, it was silent for a long time before he spoke in a gasping breathless voice. "Sophie?!"

"Y-yeah." Sophie couldn't help the smile on her face. Rose and Kyle both looked surprised and happy. "What are you doing in Alaska, Eliza?" Sophie couldn't stop the tears, at the old nick name. "I don't knows Nick." She cried. "I can't remember."

"Listen, just calm down. Breathe. Everything is going to be okay." Nick promised. Sophie tried taking a deep breath, "We can contact your parents-"

"No...they...they're not around anymore." Sophie said. Nick seemed to take a long breath. "I'm sorry Eliza. I'm so sorry." He said. "Do you have a place to stay right now? I can get you a plane ticket up here to New York."

"You live in New York now?" Sophie asked, accepting the tissue Rose handed her. She wiped her eyes. "Yeah...I became a doctor, a pediatrician." Nick said. "Well...Kyle...he let me stay the night at his home...but I think the police station can hous-"

"Your welcome at my place." Rose offered. Sophie looked at Myth, and Rose nodded, her offer still up. Sophie nodded her thanks. "Yes. I have a place." She told Nick. "Good. Listen, someone had to have been taking care of you before. So once you get up here, or I get down there...we'll figure out your paperwork, and if you want you can live with me. Does that sound good?" Nick asked. "Sounds good." Sophie said, as she dried her last tear. "Good. Do you have a pen and paper? So you can get my home phone and cell?" Nick asked.

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