Chapter Fifteen

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"Unpacked already?" Elwin asked Sophie as she brushed Myth's fur.

Dex had gotten more money to last them a life time. Sophie however chose the nicely sized house, that was in a seemingly quiet neighborhood. Biana, Linh and Sophie shared the master bed room, and Fitz and Tam shared a room, Dex and Keefe shared another, and Elwin got the last.

"Yeah." Sophie answered. A stove, and a refrigerator were already set up to be installed the next day. Elwin had worked miracles, with his soft toned voice he had paid for all utility bills to be activated, including internet, within an hour of buying the house. Sophie found herself unpacked in her shared room, in a matter of minutes. Due to only having a nightstand as a dresser for the moment. The house was empty, no furniture, no lamps no beds, nothing, it was heaven for Myth. He ran around the rooms, up the stairs and back down again, through all the bedrooms, his armor leaned against a corner, and now Sophie brushed his fur with the brush she had found for him in her back pack.

"You seem upset." Elwin said as he sat on the clean white carpet. Sophie shook her heads she wasn't upset, she was just confused. "Elwin?" Sophie asked, she sighed in embarrassment. "Have you...ever had someone confess to you? Someone you had no idea liked you like that?" Sophie asked quietly. Elwin laughed embarrassedly. "More then once..." He chuckled. "It's confusing isn't it?" Sophie asked. "Yes." Elwin nodded in complete agreement. "But I learned, some things you just have to say, even if a person doesn't like you like you like them, a pressure in your chest will start too grow until you can't hold it in any longer."

"So you've been confessed to and the confessing?" Sophie asked. "Yeah." Elwin nodded. "Neither went well."

"What didn't go well?" Keefe asked as he hopped down the stairs. "Nothing really." Elwin said as he turned away. Sophie returned to brushing Myth.
"Well Foster's emotions are all..." Keefe wrinkled his nose, as he tried to figure Sophie's emotions out. Sophie listened...she wanted to know what she was feeling, she wanted to know what to feel. "Wonky." Keefe said. Sophie sighed. "Leave her alone Keefe." Fitz said as he walked down the stairs, a book under his arm he sat beside the window, with most light, and opened it. Sophie didn't look at Fitz...she couldn't. What had that kiss been about? He had said it was a mistakes before it even happened...but he had still kissed her.

So what was going on with him?! Did he think he could play with her?!

"Now she's just angry." Keefe said. "She is not." Fitz said, slapping his book closed. "Excuse me, can you read Foster's emotions?" Keefe asked. "I don't have to." Fitz said as he got up, to set his book on the kitchen counter. "Oh please, like any mind trick could do anything better then fell her emotions." Keefe said. Fitz stood in front of his best friend. "At least I'm not so rude enough to blurt out every single thing I know about her." He said.

As the argument pressed on, Sophie's anger bubbled up. She stood up, 'if they ever start arguing knock their heads together, for me, would you?' Alvar's word echoing in her mind, she strode over to Keefe and Fitz. Who were arguing. Her hands slid to the back of each boys' head. Their hair was silky soft, and they both abruptly stopped arguing. With a firm shove with each hand, Sophie shoved their heads together, successfully head butting them both they both fell back. "What the heck was that for?!" Keefe groaned, rubbing his head wincing. Sophie glared down at both boys. "What ever this argument is about -and I don't care what it's about- I want it ended." She turned and sat back in the corner, brushing Myth.

"That was epic." Dex laughed as he sat next to her. Sophie shrugged as she glared at the two boys who were having Elwin check their heads. 'Any room you three are in, they'll find something to argue about.' Alvar had said. Sighing, Sophie leaned head back against the wall. "Let's take a walk." Dex said standing up, he held his hand out to her. The living room had gone quiet, Dex's face was calm and serious with no hint of sarcasm or mischief in it.

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