Chapter One

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Sophie felt warm and cold at once. She didn't know where she was at. All she knew was she had to get out of there. Wherever 'there' was.

Pulling her eyes open she found herself staring at a dark sky, lit with the most beautiful lights she had ever seen. Pink, purple, green, blue and white floated through the star covered sky. As Sophie breathed, she could see her breath come out in a white puff of fog. She was laying on something soft, that was also breathing. Looking down, Sophie found Myth, his large head in his paws. His own breath causing small puffs of fog.

Snow coated the ground and snowflakes were starting to fall like small kisses from the sky. Sophie painfully pushed herself up. Groaning, she felt something hard pressing against her chest. What had happened? Where was she? Opening her tunic Sophie found a book. Looking down at the beast, beneath her, she remembered finding him and taking care of him, but she couldn't remember much else. Pulling the book out of the pocket of her tunic, she opened it and read:

Alvar Vacker.
That stupid elf! How dare dare he act nice to me!

Elf? Sophie wondered, who was Alvar Vacker? Her mind brought up a picture of a handsome teal eyed boy, cutting up a mango. But elf? gradually but by bit Sophie remembered her parents and sister weren't in the picture anymore... She was a elf...but she was missing something. Sophie continued reading but the swirling lights above her.

Coughing up poison and my own blood was bad enough, but asking if I needed anything, when he's the one keeping me here, is just beyond the point of low. It make my stomach boil...or that might just be the poison.

Sophie had been poisoned? Was she going to live? Sophie flipped over the pages of her ranting about this Alvar Vacker, mentioning transmissions from Fitz. A Sandor, who what Sophie gathered was a goblin body guard. Sophie mentioned Neverseen, Black Swan, Brant hitting her with a bat and hoping Mr. Forkle could find her a way to escape. Sophie stopped at a page, which had neater...almost calmer writing.

He's a prisoner too. Alvar said he wanted out, Ruy betrayed him and now he's a prisoner. We're going to escape together. We've called a truce between us. Also someone at Havenfield is a spy.

Havenfield. A picture of a tree on a hill popped into mind. Sophie found a pen in between the pages. She decided to write.

It looks like I'm in Alaska. Myth is with me, but I can't remember much, it's like my memories have been wiped clean. I'm sore all over and I'm in pain, but from what I gathered from recent pages, I had a truce, all I know right now, is that I have to get moving.

Myth's brown eyes opened, as Sophie placed the book back in her inner pocket and clasping it closed. "Hey boy." She greeted as she sat up. He yawned showing massive teeth. "We need to get moving." She said as she crawled off of him, the beast stood up. Sophie searched in the satchel around her shoulder. Fade fuel, allergy medicine, a box with lemon smelling soap. Rope was coiled at her side, a knife in her boot, and a earring was frozen to the top of her ear.

Tying the rope around Myth's neck, Sophie tied the end around her wrist, so she wouldn't be separated from him. They started plowing through snow. Only twenty steps and Sophie was exhausted. Myth stopped and let her climb on his back. She slumped down and focused on balancing as snow swirled around her, she was a shivering mess, when she heard the barking and howling dogs...or was it wolves? Her heart pounding as she lifted her head to check, she heard the sound of running paws, and the crunch of ice under skies. She spotted a light, coming from the dog sled, "Hullo!" The man called as he waved the light around. "Hullo!" Sophie managed to call back, she heard the man give a very unmanly scream as the light dropped.

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