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Stranger by lmmfan882
Strangerby lmmfan882
Lin discovers he has a 13 year old daughter by an ex-girlfriend. She's had a rough life up until now. When her mother is arrested, Lin and his wife Vanessa take her in.
  • lmm
  • adoptedbylin
  • linmanuelmiranda
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Helpless (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) by TheREALElizaHamilton
Helpless (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Eliza Hamilton
You meet Lin in Mexico, while he was on a trip there. You immediately click, and you quickly develop a crush. But with his girlfriend, Vanessa, you hold back on telling...
  • hamilton
  • linmanuelmirandaxreader
  • linmanuelmiranda
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Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton) by GoldsberryDiggs
Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton)by Optimistic Paperclip
What happens when a university student from Washington, in the 21st century, apparently is plopped into New York City... before the American Revolution? It all started...
  • lgbtq
  • hamliza
  • broadway
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Hamilton X Reader Oneshots / Imagines / Scenarios  by hamilcasting
Hamilton X Reader Oneshots / Jess(ica Drew)
*Slurps aggressively* So sometimes I have really good fanfic ideas at 3 am. But it's too much work to publish a new story every sinGLE TIME! SSosoosososoooo I decided to...
  • musical
  • lams
  • ham4ham
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Haku x Reader by Reader_of_Anime
Haku x Readerby Erika Bense
In passive aggressive relationship, Haku would never know that Rin (Y/N) even had a hint of admiration for him. What happens when she finally snaps?
  • ghibli
  • hakudragon
  • romance
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Lindopted by SunflowerPoppy
Lindoptedby SunflowerPoppy
16 year old Abigail Waters has lived in an orphanage in New York City for the past 14 years. When she gets adopted, her life changes. ••••••••••••••••••• Just another c...
  • tomanyyfandoms
  • diggs
  • jasminecephasjones
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Hamilton University by Hifriendsilikebooks
Hamilton Universityby Hifriendsilikebooks
The Hamilton college AU that nobody asked for but I wanted to write. Seriously, if you haven't listened to the Hamilton soundtrack GO DO IT. What happens when the immigr...
  • laurensxhamilton
  • lafayette
  • hamiltonthemusical
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You Could Call It Love (Laurliza) by LittleHamiltonElams
You Could Call It Love (Laurliza)by HamiltonIsEverything<3
Elizabeth Schuyler, that girl? Oh, all hope seems to be lost for her. She's in her senior year and it seems everyone is falling in love with each other. When her best fr...
  • romance
  • hamilton
  • laurens
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Fire and Flame [Iroh II x OC] by maheenasai
Fire and Flame [Iroh II x OC]by maheenasai
A story of a young Iroh who works hard to become the General of the United Forces. Being busy with his career, he doesn't have time for his family in the Fire Nation. Me...
  • mako
  • aang
  • thelegendofkorra
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KILLER QUEEN | DEADLY CLASS  by -bellamysunicorn
she's a killer queen multiple ocs x multiple characters
  • billy
  • willie
  • killer
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Eliza and Alex (HAMLIZA) by LittleHamiltonElams
Eliza and Alex (HAMLIZA)by HamiltonIsEverything<3
Eliza was a quiet girl, always felt as if her sisters outshined her. When a boy named Alex came along and quickly made many friends, everyone fell for his charming smile...
  • john
  • eliza
  • hamilton
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How I met your Founding Fathers (Hamilsquad x Reader) by elizzaabetthh
How I met your Founding Fathers ( IwillNeverBeSatisfied
Y/N L/N was a normal girl. (KEYWORD: was) until our founding fathers walked into her life. Okay so this is my first book so feel free to give constructive criticism.
  • history
  • herculesmulligan
  • hamilcast
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ѕωιт¢нє∂ ☆ lin x reader [discontinued] by Petunia938
ѕωιт¢нє∂ ☆ lin x reader [ ☆petunia☆
ѕωιт¢нє∂ lin-manuel x reader [reader insert] author's note [3/14/2019]: this story is pretty old, so if you read this, ignore my bad writing. i'd totally delete it, but...
  • xreader
  • lin
  • linmanuel
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Thayne Jasperson X Reader by ScoutPwuppy
Thayne Jasperson X Readerby //Error//
//WARNING: you are currently stepping into a dead book. It's being revamped before 2020 ends. I'll be writing one-shots here in the meantime// Thayne X Readers aren't ve...
  • lin
  • samule
  • ship
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Adopted by the King of Broadway // Lin Manuel Miranda by wiysix
Adopted by the King of elii
Macey is a girl who has been straight up bullied in an orphanage for years. But one day, someone comes along to adopt her. What could go wrong? Inspired by OswintheDale...
  • adoption
  • orphan
  • adoptedbylinmanuel
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Carry On the Family Name: A Sukka Story by lilymarie2
Carry On the Family Name: A Lily
Sokka and Suki had their three children, but now they're nearing adulthood and are almost ready to leave the nest. Watch them grow up and become adults, with a little Su...
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • bumi
  • tenzin
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Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios(ON HAITUS) by Nekoran
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios(ON Neko-Sempai
A 13 year old testing her writing and imagination skills that need to sharpen up. Ok, enjoy. Haha I don't own anything except my story. The picture of the book isn't min...
  • boyfriend
  • love
  • fanfiction
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The Lost Moonlark (KOTLC fanfic) (SOPHITZ) by HiddenSecrets55
The Lost Moonlark (KOTLC fanfic) ( ✨Sparkles✨
Sophie Elizabeth Foster was lost. With no way to get home, no way to find her way back to The Lost Cities. No way to tell her cognate Fitz, and no one to trust besides h...
  • phantomink
  • sparklyuni23
  • lin
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Legacy by lilymarie2
Legacyby Lily
Jaya, the granddaughter of Sokka and Suki, is living happily in Republic City with her parents. That is until Tenzin shows up to recruit her to get the new Avatar to be...
  • bolin
  • tenzin
  • ốc
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Not All Bad by Topp_Dogg_Klass
Not All Badby Lee Mi-Sun (Minmin)
"I'm sorry, but all of our female dorms are full, this is the only dorm we have left." The man apologized. "How can you expect me to room with a boy? Be...
  • zhao
  • love
  • yiyang
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