Chapter Nine

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"I thought my mind was impenetrable." Sophie told Mr. Forkle, who was pacing in Alden's office.

"It is. There are two options here. One: Someone in the Neverseen got you to trust them, and somehow slipped past your barrier." Mr. Forkle said. "Are you saying this is my fault?" Sophie asked. "No, the only person at fault is the person who wiped your memories."

"But I don't trust any of the Neverseen." Sophie said wincing as Elwin placed a burning salve on her hand. "That leads me to believe the second option." Mr. Forkle said. "What is it?" Sophie asked, as Elwin checked her reflexes, before moving to place a salty tasting salve on her split lip, and other cuts on her face. Mr. Forkle sighed, "There is always a choice, Sophie." He said holding up a dark vile. Sophie recognized it immediately.

"No!" Dex said jumping from his seat. He recognized it as easily as Sophie. "Is that..." Elwin looked at the bottle of pure limbuim. Sophie could still feel the sting of the needle in her hand, how it felt like every muscle was swelled and heavy, how her blood roared trying to rush through her veins that felt to closed.

"Sophie is allergic to that stuff!" Keefe said. "You said she almost died...twice."

"And I refuse to have Sophie put her life in danger, when I have no medicine prepared." Elwin said. "Physic will have some." Mr. Forkle said, watching Sophie, as everyone put in their objections. "This!" Mr. Forkle raised his voice silencing everyone. "Decision is up to Sophie." He said. "How could my mind be broken if I didn't fade or anything?" She asked. "You've been conjoured, something I didn't even know could happen to an elf. By reading your memories I see it was beyond painful, which made your mind weak, allowing someone to slip in." Mr. Forkle said.

"Sophie don't do this." Edaline begged. Sophie shook her head looking away from her friends. "They got into my head...they messed with my brain, my memories....they were playing with my sanity." Sophie said quietly, but in the office it sounded like thunder. Edaline had cut Sophie's and Myth's ties with the brother, though it felt as if all senses were muffled for five minutes, Sophie and Myth had survived.

Without another word Sophie reached for the bottle. "Someone better answer the gate for Physic." Mr. Forkle said. Della went away instantly. Sophie stared at the full bottle that felt like it weight thirty pounds in Sophie's hand. She turned the bottle...around and around. Death in a bottle. The small waves she was causing slapped against the glass, like a storm wanting to be free.

"Sophie..." Dex took a seat next her "This is your choice..." He rubbed his side, Sophie knew that was where Brant burned him. "Just..." Dex's face burned. "Just please promise me you'll be okay." He said quietly, his hair falling in his eyes. Sophie placed her hand on his shoulder. "I promise Dex." She said. He nodded. "That's good enough for me." He stood up and strode out of the office. Biana stared after him before looking at Sophie. She smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow...or whenever you wake up. You and I." She said pointing to Sophie then herself. "Have things we need to talk about." She said smiling she hurried after Dex. Sophie looked up, at Tam and Linh. They smiled encouragingly before they left.

Leaving, Keefe, Fitz, Grady, Edaline, Alden, and Mr. Forkle. "Are you sure about this Sophie?" Grady asked. Sophie shook her head. "No. But I'm not letting them get into my head again." Sophie said. Grady and Edaline hugged her tight. "You better take care of her." Grady told Mr. Forkle. "I have no other plans then doing just that." He replied. Physic strode in, with her bright hot pink masquerade mask. Elwin's mouth popped open as he stared at her.

"Well Sophie, looks like will be taking care of you again." Physic said as she pulled an enormous syringe, out of her bag. Sophie swallowed. "Looks like it." She said, her heart skipping a few times before hammering in her chest. Elwin turned back to his own bag. "So what's going to happen?" He asked. "First. Sophie is going to move to a room where she will be comfortable in."

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