xxvi. 4 years later

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Months have passed, and the snow had started to fall again. I finally graduated College and started my life working as a curator in the National Museum. 

This year, there will be more paintings coming in and another museum show will be held. 

As I worked through my eight hour shift, I smiled at the guests and told them the history behind each and every painting. You could say that I loved my job, after all I chose History over Chinese Studies. 

As my shift was about to end, I found Bora moving out from a room and entering to another one, I followed behind her strangely. And I found a white ribbon on the ground. I picked it up and started walking closer to her.

"Hey Bora! Your hairpin fell over there." I said, but I stopped in my tracks. It was not Bora who I saw, but a back of a man who is staring at the portrait of Lady Chu Eunha and King Gwangjong. 

"I overheard from someone that this Lady Eunha married someone before. But his portrait is not here yet, the workers here told me that after 4 years, they'd put the portrait of her husband beside her." 

Slowly the back of the man started to turn around. And it saw someone who I did not expected to see here. 

We both stared at each other for a moment before slowly out feet started walking closer to each other

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We both stared at each other for a moment before slowly out feet started walking closer to each other. 

"The museum is going to close in 10 minutes." I told him. 

But his face softened and instead, he smiled at me. 

"I'm still admiring Lady Eunha's portrait." He speaks. 

Tears started to trickle down my face. He came closer and wrapped his arms around me. I never would have imagined seeing him here. 

And just like that, snow started falling again. 

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