xix. eun and soon deok's wedding

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After the successful rain ritual, the king will allow a marriage, a servant going home or a prince to step outside of the palace. I want to ask for Court Lady Oh to return from the dead but that was very impossible. Even myself being here is impossible but I don't know why I was even here in the first place.

I was at the veranda with the princes and as usual, So wasn't with them. It was a normal bright and sunny day when all of them suddenly turned quiet. I turned my head to look at them but it was the king who suddenly came inside.

"What brings you here, Your Highness?" Prince Moo asks. The king turned to look at each one of us, until his eyes turned and landed on Eun.

"Eun, the General and I came to an agreement that you shall be wedded with his daughter." The King plainly says.

"I don't want to." Eun mumbled. My eyes widened in surprise. It wasn't in the nature for Eun to be married. I could only see him playing games all day.

"Please kill me instead of being married." Eun mumbles once more and got down on his knees and planted his forehead on the floor.

"Do you not see this as a blessing? You'd rather die than have this kind of blessing?" The king slightly raised his voice. Prince Moo had a worried look and instead spoke for Eun.

"He's just startled that this is sudden, but Eun is very happy in this announcement. Give thanks to the King, Eun." Prince Moo says.

Eun stood up and a small bag of marbles suddenly dropped on the floor.

"Thank you...for this marriage."

🌸 🌸 🌸

Days passed by and Eun and Soon Deok were married inside the palace. Soon Deok was very much happy marrying the man she likes the most. But for Eun's case, he was just being grumpy beside her and kept drinking alcohol.

His brothers kept presenting them gifts for the marriage but all could Eun think about was why he didn't told his father to marry Eunha instead. Eunha was somehow who he had known long. Ever since they were infants, they clicked so well. The news about Eunha bumping her head and losing her memory was what worried him the most. He worried that she could have forgotten him.

And not from afar was Eunha, smiling and waving her hand at him. Instead of her being far away from him, he wanted her to be the one who was sitting beside him and receiving gifts not the grand general's daughter.

Now all of that seems so far away, but Eun still longs for yesterday.

{ 1.22k reads. Thank you so much for giving love to this book. Only a few more chapter until this finishes. I have decided that I will focus on Baek Ah's story next when this book finishes. I'm sorry for not updating, I've been back to school already and my schedules have never been so packed. Anyways, please do enjoy this update! } -a/n

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