xxv. modern day 2017

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I had awoken up in a brightly lit room, with white walls and white ceiling. I looked around but my body felt heavy to even sit up. There were needles injected on my arms and I finally noticed that I was in the hospital. As I continued to look around, I started to cry. I felt bad. I felt bad for leaving the Palace, Kang and especially So. What would happen to them now that I finally left. 

Suddenly the door swung open, and it was my mother who came in. 

"Eunsol!" She exclaimed, running towards me and then wrapping her arms around me. 

The more comfort I received from her, the more I yearned for losing myself and returning back to the Palace. 

"How long was I asleep?" I asked

"You were only asleep for two weeks. It was tough, Eunsol. But now that you are awake, that is what matters." She comfortedly said. 

"These flowers brought by your school, even Bora came in and brought you flowers..." The more my mother continued to talk, the more I didn't listened to her. I wonder what So and Kang are doing right now, what could Ji-ae be doing right now. Because of the museum, it led me to that ectopic displacement. 

And then the following day during the afternoon, I was released from the hospital. My mother had accompanied me home. I was starting my life again as Chu Eunsol. 

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