v. the boy with no love

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"Court Lady Oh, will I still be able to go here after living in the palace?" I asked, looking up to meet her eyes that are filled with sadness.

"This palace will always serve as a home for you. Damiwon will always be here for you." She spoke and placed her hands on the shoulders, giving me a nudge.

Then and there, I left Damiwon and headed for the palace.

🌸 🌸 🌸

Upon my arrival back to the palace, the King had some of the maids to carry my items and bring them inside my room. I wandered around for a bit inside the castle until I heard a slight commotion inside the other room. Being eaten up by curiosity, I took a peak to see what was happening, it was a man in an all black armor and the the palace's astronomer Ji Mong. I didn't know what was happening but I was somewhat pulled into staring at the man in an all black armor, he had a metal mask that covered only the other half of his face. 'I wonder what could he be hiding underneath it.'

And all of a sudden, the man's head turned to my direction and looked at me. Our eyes met but I quickly hid away. It was until then that the sliding doors opened and he emerged out of the room, placing his hand around my neck and gripping his hold tight.

"What could you be doing and taking a peak? How much did you hear inside?" He asked. I was wiggling my feet and trying to move away from his grip, but he only tightened his hand more around my neck.

"I.....heard nothing." I spoke back at him. But he was unconvinced with my answer, I couldn't breathe anymore since he kept gripping my neck.

"Let her go." A male's voice said. And instantly, I was let go, but I fell into the floor, coughing and gasping for air. The man in an all black armor departed and I was left alone.

"Are you alright?" The same voice asked me. I turned to look up and see it was prince Wook who had saved my life.

"I'm fine." Was all I could say. He extended out a hand for me and I took it and stood up. I fixed my hanbok before speaking.

"Who was that, Your Highness?"

"That's the 4th prince, Wang So. He must have been back from Shinju." My breathing was finally stable but prince Wook still held my hand. It was making my heart feel giddy once again.

"Your Highness, how long will you hold my hand?" I asked him, my cheeks staining bright pink. He realized what I asked him and finally, he let my hand go.

"There will be a festival soon." Prince Wook had informed me.

"What kind of festival?"

"The Yudu festival. It is to drive the bad spirits away. There would be performances and rituals, you should come. The King will be holding a banquet for it." He spoke, smiling softly beside me.

"I guess I could, but I think I would prefer going to the festival outside like a commoner with Ji-ae." I smiled back at him. But he froze when I mentioned a name.

"Ji-ae is my servant, don't worry." We both chuckled after.

"Would you want tea and sweets right now?" He asked. I nodded my head quickly and we departed off outside of the castle.

🌸 🌸 🌸

The sun was almost setting and soon, nightttime would fall soon. I needed to send a letter to Lady Oh. I took out a clear paper, brush and ink.

But then it hit me.

During this period, they didn't have hangul. The people here use hanja.

I mentally slapped myself. But then I realized the classes I took with Mr. Kim. I was slightly hopeful that Lady Oh would somehow understand the message I was trying to write to her.

I dipped the brush into the ink and wrote out the words in the paper.

Lady Oh, please tell Ji-ae to meet me there tomorrow at sunset and please give me money too.

With that, I sealed it in a red envelope and asked one of the guards to deliver it to Damiwon.

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