vi. yudu festival

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When the sun was setting, I finally had the permission to leave the palace and meet with Ji-ae in Damiwon to enjoy the festival outside. There were lots of people in the market and guardian statues were placed in the market as well as inside the castle. But before I could leave my room, I left spiritual beans that would drive away the bad spirits. Court Lady Oh did not attend the banquet sadly. But my letter for her did reach and she entrusted the money to Ji-ae.

"My Lady, this is the first time I'm going to a festival!" Ji-ae remarked happily as her eyes drifted around the market.

"Is it? Let's make it memorable for you!" I smiled at her as we watched public shows and ate tteok.

As me and Ji-ae were having fun, my peripheral caught attention of someone in an all black suit. Wang So. He was sprinting around the market and jumping into roofs. I wondered what he could be chasing, but I realized that there were also men in an black suit.

"Ji-ae, call Prince Wook for help. I'll be going somewhere!" And then I started to run, following where Wang So went.

🌸 🌸 🌸

It took me a few minutes to get where he went into but it lead me to the forest. I ran a few more until I could see people in my vision. I hid behind a behind and saw men slaughtering another. But only one was watching the other man slaughter others. And it was-

"Wang Yo....." I whispered his name as I finally registered his face in my mind. As his eyes found the direction in where I was, I started to run once more. As I ran a few more, I stumbled down on the ground, looking up, I saw Wang So and an assassin.

As I stood up, the assassin grabbed my arms from behind and pointed a small knife towards my neck. My eyes widened in surprise. 'Wang me...'

"Go kill her then." So said.

My eyes started to brim in tears, I couldn't die at a time like this.

"Are you going to kill her or will I have to kill her?" I didn't know what Wang So is trying to say or to convey the assassinator. But tears continued to fall from my eyes as the tip of the knife touched the skin of my neck and slowly danced around my neck.

But a flying knife shot the chest of the assassin and I was freed. I crawled down on the ground and let all the tears come out.

"I almost had him!" So said irritably to someone. But that someone came running towards me. It was Wook.

"Are you okay?" He asked, I wanted to say that I was fine but my head shook in response. His eyes started to check on me until he took notice of the cut around my neck.

"Let's get you back to the palace. I'll call a royal doctor to heal you back." His hand and arms supported me, planting my feet on the ground again. He helped me walk back to his horse but he stopped at So's direction.

"I won't forgive you if you hurt Eunha again." He said, leaving him behind.

🌸 🌸 🌸

"The cut isn't that deep. If the medicine is applied regularly then the cut will be gone within a week or two." The royal doctor said after applying ointment in my cut and wrapping it with a white cloth.

"Thank you doctor." I mumbled before he could leave my room, leaving me with Wook.

"What happened in the banquet?" I asked him.

"It was going fine until there were uninvited guests that came in. They wanted to assassinate the king." He spoke softly and I nodded my head.

"I'm glad that you aren't hurt." His lips slowly curved into a small smile.

"But you are." He said. I brought my hands up to my lips and blew in air to them. He noticed my actions.

"I'm sorry, my hands were cold." I spoke softly, his hands took mine and he brought them close to his lips. Blowing hot air to them. It only did it just not make my hands warm but it also made my heart warmer. Prince Wook is the ideal man every girl would want to marry.

"Get some sleep now." He spoke and stood up, leaving my room.

And at that moment, I slept peacefully filled with my heart's content.

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