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Hyuna - Run & Run

" Sing this song for me 
Again today, I'm following this path I'm always running for you

You ask why I don't stop

You ask, don't you want a break? No

ren't you tired? No

You tell me not to give you the same answers all the time

Everyone tells me to take a break "

4minute - Canvas

" Us two on a blank paper 

e dye each other again yeah 

We paint this moment together

Before this night goes by 

Dream take me with you already 

Draw anything 

This canvas for only us two "

BTS - Spring Day

" Past the cold winter 

ntil the spring day comes back 

Until the flowers bloom

Will you stay there a little longer 

Will you stay? "

Brown Eyed Girls - Light

" To the sky find the light

ooking for my light

Gonna fly never cry 

Following my old dreams

Everything will start as light again 

Someday I'm gonna find a way "

WJSN - Good Night

" There are so many things to do but the day is finished
I'm worried if I made a mistake or not

It's alright, it's alright

Someone was keep looking at me 

Did he notice? Or was he just staring?

What should I do to be prettier? 

Should I stop eating? Wearing more mask packs? 

Even though I pretend to be happy and smile all day, I'm afraid 

Can I do anything just like I did now? "

IOI - Hold On

" Hold on, what are you doing? 
If you leave like this, you might not be able to see me 

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, we're still far from it 

You still don't know me very well boy

f it's not the end, come run over to me 

If it's not the end, come run over to me 

I trust, I trust, trust you you "

Cathy, Somi, Yoojung, Chungha - Flower, Wind and You

" I like the wind and I like this path 
That I'm walking on with you 

When I hold out my hand I find myself in your arms 

arm sunlight, aromatic flowers, the wind and you "

DIA - Will You Go Out With Me? (Ballad Ver.)

" My days are always filled with you 
Look at my heart I'll give it all to you

 Please accept my heart "

EXO - Monster

" I'm creeping in your heart babe 

'll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up

I'll steal you and indulge in you

I'm gonna mess you up

I'm engraved in your heart

So even if I die I'll live forever

(Come here girl)

You call me monster 

(You call me monster)

I'll go into your heart "

Mino ft. Taeyang (Bigbang) - Fear

" When I didn't wanna see anything 
The reason I forced my eyes to open wide Is because I was just scared

When I didn't wanna say anything

The reason I raised my voice 

There is no other reason

It's because I'm afraid, I'm afraid "   

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