xv. a day with So

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Summer was just around the corner. But the cool breeze still stayed whether or not the sun was shining up above or not.

I had taken a time off from the palace and strolled around. I had been good at memorizing the medicinal herbs already and the milk tea I made started to become a buzz in the whole palace.

And today was an example of the sun shining up the sky but the cool breeze swinging in. Ji-ae had returned to Damiwon while I was left here. I have also heard that the birthday of Baek-ah was going to be tomorrow too! How time flies by so fast. I wonder when could be Eunha's birthday too...it's been a year since I came here and she hasn't celebrated her birthday yet.

My thoughts were interrupted when I suddenly passed by a wooden boat with a person inside it. But the person inside the boat wasn't just an ordinary person, it was So himself, sleeping in the boat, using his arm as a pillow.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion, Your Highness." I said. And slowly lifted my skirt up and slowly walked down to the boat, holding tight onto whatever I can hold on to so I wouldn't slip off.

Just kidding.

I slipped off, a gasp left my lips and as I was about to prepare myself for the impact, I couldn't feel the grounds nor even the waters. Yet I felt a rather, comfortable landing spot. I sat up quick, but a hand dragged me back down to its chest.

"Just stay here." So commanded. My heart couldn't stop beating this wildly. I blinked repeatedly and just stayed on laying down on his chest.

"You know, I started to like your singing voice. I heard you yesterday singing for Eun." He says. Little did I know, he smiling to himself too.

"I didn't know you had a nice voice." He spoke once more and I could feel my cheeks blushing bright red at the moment.

So suddenly sat up, and I had sat up too.

I didn't noticed that time had also passed by so quick that the sun started to set and So began to canoe the boat on the other end while I sat on the other end opposite off him.

"Do you even know how to swim?" He asks as he looks into me.

"Actually, I don't know how to swim. So if I fell down here on this boat, I'll expect that you'll go and save me." I chuckled playfully and noticed the smile on his face too. It's just a scar, So. You can show it to me and I won't look at you with pity at all.

I stood up on the boat while So had stopped rowing. But I felt my ankle twisting and suddenly I fell into the water.

"How could she have died? She has a bright future ahead of her!"

Was that my mother crying?

"Ya! Chu Eunsol. Wake up now. Stop joking. We badly miss you already."

And Bora?

They were sitting besides each other while they cried on the body of a student. And not just a student, my body.

They must have already assumed that I died and my mother letting me be on life support. Have I really died in my present time?

The image of them suddenly faded away as if they were a watercolor that had been washed away with water. And the image was replaced by the time I have been time slipped into.

"Dear child, wake up now. I can't lose another child!"

This time, it was Court Lady Oh who cried and wailed while holding on to my arm. My face looked pale and out of life. And on the other side of Court Lady Oh was Ji-ae.

"My lady...please wake up. You can't leave us yet." She silently sobbed.

These were the people who loved me and Eunha. But, could that mean that I am her reincarnation?

And all of a sudden, two hands stretched out infront of me. One hand had a school uniform suit on its arm. The other one in handbok.

If I choose, does this mean, one life has to die?

Without even thinking, I chose the life I was not meant for.

Though it hurts, the half of me died when Eunsol was pronounced dead.

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