xxii. the betrayal

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{ hello everyone! It's been a looong time since I had updated this book. School is very much hectic. Not only school but I've been also filling out some college application forms, so please I hope you do understand me. Sometimes, I'm sacrificing my eating and sleeping for school. But I'm already in my semestral break, which means I'll have more time to update! 

PS. Also, the book is about to end. : ( but don't worry, another prince's story shall be published!} - a/n

"What kind of wife are you going to be? If you at least want to get married, at least learn how to sew!" Court Lady Song says, in a high tone. 

Ever since Court Lady Oh passed away, Court Lady Song is now in charge of Damiwon and what's worse is that Queen Yoo visits the palace. It is very hard whenever she visits here, this is why I would often hide to wash the clothes by the clean river. And whenever I do that, I feel as if I am away from her. 

"You need to learn how to sew and not just how to wash clothes and play with other princes! At least look at Prince Wook's sister, she's even better at sewing than you can!" 

I sighed and bit my inner lip. If being a wife meant being good at sewing, let me at least be So's concubine instead. 

"We'll call it a day. I'll come back tomorrow." Court Lady Song says, picking up her materials. "Tomorrow you'll be learning how to sew cushions." She says and then walks away, without even looking back. 

- - - 

After the sewing lessons, I immediately prepared afternoon tea and snacks as I wanted to eat with So in the palace. Upon my way, the guards at the gates usually opened, but this time, no one was at their places. 

I took a peek inside the gates and found no guards at all. Which is strange because for all I know, there is nothing significant that is going to happen. Or so that was what I thought. 

I silently entered into So's room and placed down the tray into his table. No one was available at the moment, I took my time looking into the different books that were neatly arranged in his wooden bookshelf, the scattered letters on his table and then opening the windows to let the summer air inside. 

Heavy footsteps can be heard on the window stairs, descending up. I quickly turned and found myself facing So himself. 

"Yo's dead." My eyes widened in surprise.

"He was the reason why first brother is dead. He's the one who's been asking Chaeryung to put mercury in his bath. He was after the throne, even mother was behind this plot." He explained. "But he fell off, leading him to his death." So explained calmly. 

In that evening, Jung and Won tried to console their mother, but it was useless. Queen Yoo kept calling for her fallen child. 

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