xii. year-end

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It was a week before a new year would come, and I had permission from the King to return to Damiwon and celebrate the new year with Court Lady Oh, Ji-ae and the rest of the court ladies and Damiwon girls.

It was in the afternoon when Court Lady Oh and I were having tea and sweets by the veranda. The atmosphere between us was full of calm and serenity, but it was so quiet between us that I had decided to break it.

"Court Lady Oh, if I may ask...what was I like before?" I spoke, she took in a deep breath before she could tell her reply.

"There is a saying a Songak: 'Lady Eunha is pretty no matter she does.' and 'A once fresh-looking girl now turned into a delicate and poised flower in the palace.' You would go out to the markets with Prince Eun, and sometimes with Prince Baek-Ah and Prince Jung. You were quiet and excelled alot, especially in reading, writing, embroidery and cooking. But, ever since you hit your head in a stone floor, you lost how to read and write hanja. But it is alright. What matters most is that you still know how to cook and do embroidery."

"Who...who thought me how to do all those?"

"I taught everything I knew to you. I lost my child before, I found you all alone in an alley in Songak. You were the prettiest baby and I never knew why someone would be that horrible to leave you all alone. So I brought you in and decided to adopt you myself." Court Lady Oh explained.

🌸 🌸 🌸

Before the year ends, I had stepped foot back inside the palace along with Court Lady Oh to present the Queen's a hand made gift I gave them. Carefully wrapping them in the prettiest way as possible.

"Court Lady Oh and Lady Eunha wish to come inside." A guard calls from outside and I hear Queen Yo's voice from inside "Let them in."

"Good day Your Highness'. Before the year ends, I would like to present you all a hand made gift." Queen Yoo looks displeased while Queen Hwangbo was all smiles.

I placed the box in front of them on the tables and Queen Hwangbo was the first to open her box. Inside the box contained a fragrance bottle. In modern days, they call it perfume.

"I have chosen the rose scent for Her Highness Queen Hwangbo. For Her Highness Queen Yoo who loves things with fine fragrance, I have chosen the sent of vanilla and sandalwood." Queen Yoo opened her box and smelled the bottle, for a while her expression lightened as she smelled it. I must have pleased her, didn't I?

🌸 🌸 🌸

Ji-ae and I were at the courtyard of Damiwon palace, along with a bowl of tteok in between us while we talked all about the what nots. Its been months since I came to this time. I couldn't help but wonder how mother and Bora could be doing. And how well my body is doing. They must have thought that I died or something. But, wherever they could be, I just wish them guidance.

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