iii. Goryeo, Year 944

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I opened my eyes. And I felt a loud beating in my head.

"Lady Oh! Lady Eunha is awake now!" A girl who's hair was tidied up in a bun and wore maiden clothes with a tray of food informed someone. I looked around my surroundings as I first noticed how old fashioned the items are. Medicines and makeup in small green containers, the doors don't have knobs and are sliding and I noticed I'm wearing an all white hanbok.

Suddenly, a women with pale skin and hair tied up in a bun came inside the room. She lets out a breath and walked closer until she settled down on the foot edge of the bed.

"How much do you remember?" She asked quietly as she stared into me.


"You hit your head early this day, if it was not for a maid to see you, you would have been dead. I called a doctor quick. How much do you remember?" She spoke. I could only blink my eyes repeatedly and clear my throat.

"Um.....where am I?" I asked her. She looked sad for a moment until she opened her mouth.

"You are in Damiwon. I am Court Lady Oh and your slave here is Ji-ae." Court Lady Oh told me. My eyes widened in surprise. 'Court Lady Oh....Damiwon....I'm in a concubine palace. Court Lady Oh is a royal concubine of-'

"Is it....King Taejo the ruler?" I asked quietly. Court Lady Oh could only smile a bit and lean a bit closer to me.

"You are correct. I see you have damaged your head and lost your memory." She said. This is not my time...I'm supposed to be in the museum with Bora. Bora. How will they find me now?

"For now, you should rest. Ji-ae has brought food for you." Court Lady Oh stood up, walking to leave my room. I mumbled my thanks even before she could step out of the room. Just then, a girl who looked younger in my age, placed the silverware tray in front of me and sat beside me on the floor.

"How are you feeling now Lady?" She asked, a hint of worry in her voice.

I let out a sigh and stared at the food in front of me.

"I made pine nut porridge and also brought you water. You've always liked pine nut porridge. You eat very deliciously since you love the taste of pine nut!" Ji-ae spoke enthusiastically, a smile painting her lips. I couldn't help but smile too. 'So Lady Chu Eunha likes pine nut porridge...'

"Ji-ae...may I ask, what else do you know about me? I'm sorry..I lost my memory." I told her, taking the spoon and taking a spoonful bite of the porridge.

"Omo, Lady Eunha, you shouldn't be so formal with me. Hmm, ever since your parents died, Court Lady Oh took pity on you and decided to adopt you as her own child. She brought you in here since she didn't want you to grow in the palace. But the King knows about your existence! The King treats very much like you're his child too!" Ji-ae spoke once more. In History, Court Lady Oh had a child but she lost it.

"How old am I, Ji-ae?" I asked. Finishing the pine nut porridge quickly.

"I think you're slowly coming back to your self Lady Eunha! You even finished the porridge that quick!" Ji-ae laughed softly in to which I did too. I took the cup and drank down the water too.

"Lady Eunha, you're only a year older than me. Court Lady Oh taught you a lot in Politics, Reading and Writing. It was Court Lady Oh's decision for you to be part of the royal family. That's why King Taejo made you princess!"

I'm a what?

"Is that so?" I looked up at Ji-ae as she took the tray in her hands. She nodded her head repeatedly.

"Would you give me a tour around Damiwon palace?" I asked. Ji-ae blinked and looked confused until she nodded her head happily again.

I could hear light footsteps and it was Court Lady Oh who stepped inside my room once more.

"Ji-ae, prepare a bath for Eunha as well. The King himself would want to meet her tonight for lunch." Court Lady Oh then departed.

🌸 🌸 🌸

After the bath that was prepared, I was given royal clothing prepared by Ji-ae. I took a look at my reflection.

From now and on, you will be Lady Chu Eunha.

And then I departed with Court Lady Oh to the palace.

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