xxi. the king's death

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"How's your scar? Does it still hurt?" So asks as he enters my chambers. I didn't get the time to put on something decent when he suddenly came in.

I took a step back, and he must have noticed it.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything to you." So assures me. He takes another step and looks at my wrist. A long scar around the wrist area could be seen.

His other hand slipped inside his pocket and took out something - a bracelet. The bracelet was gold and blue in color. And he wore the bracelet on my wrist. It fits exactly to cover my scar.

"I bought this one because it reminded me of you. Blue and gold suits you." He speaks, I couldn't help but smile and admire the bracelet around me.

Suddenly, his hand found my chin and made me look up at him. His scar was covered again with makeup.

"And this reminded me of you too." And then his lips met mine.

I didn't noticed how time passed by, our clothes thrown away on the floor, the bedsheets unmade, moans and groans echoing around the chambers of my room as we made love while I wore the bracelet he thinks of me.

🌸 🌸 🌸

It was another bright, the snow has fallen, the sun is up high in the skies again. Spring will come again soon.

"My lady....what's this purple thing on your neck? Oh my, you have three of them! You have many on your chest and legs too!"

"Shush Ji-ae! You won't tell this to anyone, not even to Lady Park or even the other Damiwon girls!" I hissed at her, covering her mouth. The night that So and I made love, he had been aggressive and left multiple of love bites around my neck, chest and thighs. But I couldn't help but leave love bites on him too-

"My lady, where did you get this? Should I call a doctor?"

"This is what happens when I haven't eaten pine nut porridge for months." I kidded. But Ji-ae's eyes widened at me.

"Then I shall make many pine nut porridge for you in the next days, my lady!" Ji-ae bows and hurries out of the royal bath room.

🌸 🌸 🌸

It had been days since the king was locked up in his room, his illness was getting the better of him and he is already bedridden. Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo had been locked up with the king and wouldn't even be released by Jimong.

On the last life minutes of King Taejo, he saw Court Lady Oh, or rather Oh Sooyeon in a pretty pink and white hanbok. Her hair untied and she craddled the young Eunha in her arms. King Taejo could see Sooyeon smiling at him and holding up Eunha's arms so that Eunha looked like she was waving her hand at the King. This brought a smile on King Taejo's face. On his last breath he mumbles.


And then King Taejo passes away.

And so outside of the palace, So stood with Wook and Moo along with a number of royal guards. While on the other side, Yo stood alone with his own number of royal guards.

A battle was suppose to happen but Jimong came out.

"King Taejo is dead. Crown Prince Moo is King!" Jimong announces.

As loud and clear Jimong's words are, So knelt down and bowed before Moo.

"Moo is the crown King. All hail King Moo." So declares.

Followed by Wook and the rest, they all knelt down and repeated So's declaration as Moo is the new King.

But only one didn't, and Yo was not pleased.

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