xvi. a poison

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Days went by quicker than night. And today marks Wang Baek-ah's birthday. His birthday was going to be celebrated by the whole palace, along with Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo.

For his birthday celebration, I was going to brew another milk tea for the royal family, but this time, I am going to make it with caramel. After brewing it, I placed them into a red china glass pot and left it open without the lid for cooling.

Leaving the chickens, I went back to my room to fix on my makeup that was smudge with sweat and dirt from the castle. I needed to look presentable, even though I am just an adoptive daughter of a royal concubine.

I smiled to my reflection in the bronze mirror after applying powdered foundation and then headed back to the kitchens.

Little did Eunha know, there was Wang Won, the 9th prince who poured the drink into two red cups with poison in them. In his motive of killing the Crown Prince Moo.

And little did Won know, he was being watched from the shadows by So. He eyed the red cup. Moo is a very dear person to him. And he would risk drinking that cup.

🌸 🌸 🌸

".....it's a book?" Baek-ah asks as he looks at Wook.

"It's not just a book. It's a drawing pad in case the pages of the drawing pad you're using leaves you no more." Wook explained calmly, Baek-ah smiled to his reply.

"Thank you! Now I can draw more sceneries in Goryeo when I go out." The birthday boy had a big smile on his face. But despite the big smile on his face, he was awaiting for what Eunha would give him.

As if on cue, Eunha came carrying a tray of a red china pot with milk tea. So eyed the cup that contained the poison, and to much of his surprise, Eunha exactly gave the cup to the Crown Prince.

So suddenly stood up, causing a small scene in the celebration being held in the veranda.

"I..." he was completely off of words. Everyone was looking at him, but no one was looking at him with such disgust unlike Queen Yoo.

"I, would like to switch cups with the Crown Prince." He states. And for a moment, Queen Yoo's eyes widened in surprise. The side of her lip quivered. He turned to look at Queen Yoo, his mother, and then walked to the front of Moo's table.

There was a long pause before So could drink the cup. He thought of what could the possibilities be if ever he drank it. But then he realize, he wouldn't lose anything. Nothing at all.

And so So downed the cup with poison. And only three people in the veranda looked at him with wide eyes. Queen Yoo, Yo and Won.

After downing the whole cup, he started to walk away. He could feel his insides going wild. He could feel a rush of liquid substance through his throat arising. Upon leaving the veranda, blood spat out of his mouth.

🌸 🌸 🌸

When So left the veranda, Princess Yeon Hwa, the sweet sister of Wook and the youngest child of Queen Hwangbo, stood up and walked to the front of the King. Queen Hwangbo looked at her with suspicion.

"I would like to make a suggestion, Your Highness." She smiled sweetly to the King.

The King wheezes. "What would the suggestion be then?" He asks her.

"Please let my brother Wook remarry." Princess Yeon Hwa says. Her response caught Wook off hand. Queen Hwangbo almost dropped her cup of tea.

"Ever since Lady Hae died, he needs to remarry again for politics-"

"Yeon Hwa."

"I think it will be a good choice for my brother to marry again. Please consider this suggestion, Your Highness."

Princess Yeon Hwa went to fetch her own cup of milk tea produced by Eunha herself. Yeon Hwa was well aware of her brother's feelings for Eunha. But just like what Queen Yoo says 'like mother, like daughter. Both are wenches in the castle.'

Yeon Hwa bit hard on her inner cheeks and when blood started to come out of them, she purposefully fell down and closed her eyes.

"Yeon Hwa!" Wook suddenly went to his sister's side and Queen Hwangbo came rushing to her son's side.

"That girl put poisoned!" Queen Yoo spoke in anger. Then added, "Put Eunha into prison for poisoning the princess!"

🌸 🌸 🌸

Eunha, who was happily serving milk tea again and was oblivious to the fact that someone placed poison in them, found So lying on the ground with blood on his mouth. She dropped the tray she was carrying and quickly rushed to him. Placing his head on her lap.

"You.....should run." So spoke weakly to her. The words sounded muffled when speaking about it.

"What? What's wrong?" She asks. So's hand gripped her eyes. Though So was poisoned and his mouth is bleeding, he looked at Eunha with anger in his eyes.

"Run now." He angrily growled instead. And as Eunha understood what he said, two pairs of strong arms quickly caught her.

"Let go me!" She yelled at them. Breaking free from their hold. But it was no use. The guards dragged Eunha into the dungeons. Her punishment will later be discussed and the King will inform Court Lady Oh of the incident.

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