xxiv. the little heir

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The fall leaves started to fall from the branches of the trees and started piling up on the ground. And but Kang enjoyed playing and jumping on them. 

"Eomma!" He happily exclaimed as he jumped from leaf to leaf. 

"Soon, the leaves will be gone and snow will start to fall." I smiled at our little child, he started to running closer to me and I took his hand as we walked around the garden. 

"What will happen next?" Kang asked

"Soon, we will be snow. Snow will start falling from the ground." I smiled as I explained it to him. 

Not from afar, we saw So standing by himself, a smile painted on his face as he watches the two of us walk hand in hand. 

"Appa!" Kang shouted happily as he removed himself from my hand and started running towards So. So sat down and carried Kang in his arms. 

"If you play with the leaves more your hands will get dirty." 

"But eomma says snow will be coming soon." Kang pouted his lips, Kang completed my life here. 

But as the days passed, I felt like my joints are getting weaker. There were days wherein I had to be fed by Ji-ae inside my chambers, there were days wherein they had to carry me bathe and carry me out. The winter came and I was unable to play with So and Kang in the snow, instead, I kept myself warm inside the Palace, often accompanied by Baek-Ah or by Jung. 

And in the middle of the winter day, I passed away. 

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