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Scarlet Heart : Ryeo (Moon Lovers) 2  [COMPLETED] by toomanybias
Scarlet Heart : Ryeo (Moon Lovers) -
[COMPLETED ; NOT EDITED] * Solely a fanfic based on the Korean drama Scarlet Heart : Ryeo * (admit it, we all want a sequel for it right ) Go Ha Jin, although broken-hea...
  • ıu
  • wangeun
  • jisoo
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Rain of my Soul || 은 by desmadres
Rain of my Soul || 은by 백현
"you are the rain of my soul."
  • wangjung
  • leejoonki
  • wangyo
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Ectopic ➵ Wang So { Book 1 } by MissMeAgain
Ectopic ➵ Wang So { Book 1 }by sibelle
Ectopic (adj.) 》 occuring in an abnormal position or place; displaced. 《 RANKINGS (as of may 27, 2018) #11 Seohyun #90 SNSD #2 Goryeo #3 Lee Joon Gi #70 Byun Ba...
  • byunbaekhyun
  • seohyun
  • wangbaekah
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What She Is (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Jung) by Kpopmademyday
What She Is (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Kpopmademyday
Kim Gayeong never had a good life to begin with. Struggling with the fact she had nothing or no one to care for her. It was easier than she thought to let go of herself...
  • kdrama
  • wangyo
  • scarletheart
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|| Dragon , Yong || Moon lovers : scarlet heart ryeo  by clara_27
|| Dragon , Yong || Moon lovers clara_27
Wang so x reader // From drinking together with your bestfriend ( go ha jin , hae soo ) to saving a child together and ending up in another era together too . How will...
  • scarletheartryeo
  • moonlovers
  • joongi
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A Tryst Beyond Destiny by coloursinmycanvas
A Tryst Beyond Destinyby coloursinmycanvas
Wang So found out too late that Hae Soo had loved him deeply and waited for him until her last breath and that their daughter was growing up in Chungju with his brother...
  • segeuk
  • goryeo
  • angst
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Only His (Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Moon Lovers) by FTEmperial
Only His (Scarlet Heart Ryeo: King Claude's Wife
When the darkness engulf my whole being, as I felt myself drowning. I cannot help myself but think, I'm dying and I'm meeting my parents and brother soon. After this...
  • moonlovers
  • wangbaek
  • romance
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True Lovers? by luvinirene
True Lovers?by KACHOWWW
I remade this book , hopefully you like it!
  • wangbaekah
  • wangyo
  • wangwook
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Beyond the Moon | 은덕 by wangjung
Beyond the Moon | 은덕by wangjung
"I love you beyond the moon, beyond everything."
  • wangeun
  • haesoo
  • wangyo
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Different World ( Scarlet Heart Ryeo) by annaborres
Different World ( Scarlet Heart annaborres
Wang So woke up into a different world. It was so different compare the world he had live in, he will only find the girl he love Hae Soo, he will cherish her and love he...
  • haesoo
  • chaeryung
  • queenyoo
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Fate | Scarlet Heart; Ryeo by mx_092202
Fate | Scarlet Heart; Ryeoby S2M1
Sooji, Goryeo's face and also known as a trouble maker. After a couple years, she return back to her home. She was requested to be a personal servant for Wang So, the 4t...
  • fanfic
  • scarletheart
  • leejunki
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Scarlet Heart Fanfic by solivagantmoon
Scarlet Heart Fanficby Moondust
Scarlet Heart Princes is now available to date with fangirls! Do support, feedback and enjoy my story c': Do you know how heartbroken I am with this fucking story it's s...
  • wangeun
  • kanghaneul
  • wangso
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Second Chance with Love (On Hold) by tamerir
Second Chance with Love (On Hold)by tamerir
Wang Jung lost his love of life years ago..Hae Soo was his first love. The love that was unrequited.. But then He was someone's unrequited love too. His best friend who...
  • baekhyun
  • moonlovers
  • theforteenthprince
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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [A New Beginning] by angelhoney17
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [ Angel
A legend says that the sun and the moon have always been in love, but they could never be together, because the moon rises at sunset and the sun just at Dawn. Thus, in h...
  • kpop
  • heart
  • moonlovers
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For You (MLSHR Reader Insert) by ayoforbetterdays
For You (MLSHR Reader Insert)by Chen Chen the Electric Dino
Yo x Reader Jung x Reader Eun x Reader I want to make each chapter based off of a song from the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart soundtrack (though I will use other K-Drama O...
  • byunbaekhyun
  • moonloversscarletheartryeoreaderinsert
  • hongjonghyun
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Saving You (Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo) by Kuroi97
Saving You (Moon Lovers : Kuroda Ayumu
I cannot write the description well... And this is my first fanfic... so... yeah... Wang brothers died same like in drama, but Go Ha Jin never discovered her memory abou...
  • scarletheartryeo
  • wangwook
  • wangmoo
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doyene | moon lovers-scarlet heart:ryeo [under reconstruction] by vanillainverse
doyene | moon lovers-scarlet gwen
A girl who had ambitions for herself. A girl who only longed for happiness, for herself and those she loved. A girl who did not want anything, but to be loved.
  • princewon
  • reader
  • leejieun
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Voice of my Calm || 소 by desmadres
Voice of my Calm || 소by 백현
"you are the voice that calms me."
  • wangyo
  • gohajin
  • haesoo
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This story is all about twilight's life and her past life.
  • wangwook
  • baekah
  • wangso
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