Hope you've been enjoying the story so far. From here on out I'm turning up the heat. Things are getting so hot between Justin and Sharon that I'm actually blushing, fanning my face and giggling like a school girl.

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Yup, she was cursed. Sharon never believed in such things, but the dream she had last night, compounded with everything that'd happened since she received Casey's wedding invite, proved curses do exist.

She plated the scrambled eggs and blueberry waffles. Setting the table, she wondered what would happen if she copied the invitation, like in The Ring, and sent it to someone else. Would doing so save her from all the disasters she'd befallen lately? Would she never again dream about the of Justin Boyd's hard planes and valleys of Justin's chest and stomach, her body crushed and molded against them while his hands roamed and caressed her body in ways she'd never experienced before in real life...his huge, thick cock sliding deep inside her-

No, no, no. It's a dream. None of it was real. Or possible. In real life, Justin was just as horrible prick bastard as he was when they went to school together. Though his looks department have been upgraded since then, Sharon was sure his physical attributes had been downgraded just as equally.

Surely, he's sporting a flabby, rounded and pregnant belly that needed extra durable spanx to cover it up, tricking women he had something going on underneath his clothes.

There was no way he had anything going on to make her panties damp from a dream. A damn good dream.

"No," repeated Sharon out loud. Shaking her head she vowed to stop thinking about that dream-no, nightmare- as she fanned her face. "It was only a dream."

With her profession, Sharon knew how our unconscious selves carry a lot of weight and that dreams contain secret messages. But there was no message for her to analyze. Though as a grown woman, she was embarrassed to have had a wet dream. Clearly her libido's not as dried up as Kim had insinuated but it was currently acting like a raging, hormonal teenager. Not caring at all that it's lusting after a man who'd hurt her so much in the past as if it was nothing.

No, there were no messages of any kind. Kim had been right, she'd been too long without a man. Casey was no longer available and she didn't want to introduce a new man in CJ's life. Obviously the only thing left to do was to unseal the battery operated sex toy from its box, that Kim gifted as a birthday present last year.

Sharon cringed at the thought of what she'd been reduced to. Sexual intercourse with a cold, sterile object. But it was either that, or acknowledge what her traitorous body wanted. She rather pick the former.

Besides, she had more important things to think about.

"CJ, breakfast!"

A stampede of awakened, rating raring to go four year old dashed into the kitchen, bellowing 'yes, mommmmy,' before she finished saying 'fast.'

Sharon watched as her son, tear into the room as if he was speedy Gonzalez, barely putting on the brakes and skidded into the chair, with his knee.

"Ouch," cried CJ, rubbing the pain away from his knee.

"Uh-uh," scolded Sharon. Hands on her hips and raised eyebrow, so that her son knew she meant business. "Now what I say about running in the house."

CJ pouted, dipped his head into his chest and mumbled, "Don't do it."

"Alright then. Now come sit and eat. Mommy has to tell you something."

"I didn't do it," blurted CJ, waving his hands like wind turbines caught in a furious storm.

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