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The ride to her apartment was silent.

Tonight was more than her younger self dreamed of. Staying up late with Justin Boyd, talking, joking around and laughing. If the girls back then could see her now. Hell, she wished to run into Latonya again and watch smugly as she foamed at the mouth. She'd always crushed on Justin, even when her supposed best friend was dating him.

No, she would not think about that woman or what happened back then. What mattered was having those lips against hers again. Feeling that out of control, free falling motion that both exhilarated and scared her again. When he'd kissed her yesterday afternoon, she felt alive.

Insane. That's what she was. Insane but weirdly excited. She was standing on a precipice, not caring whether she'd fly or fall. And she had a feeling, along with their kiss yesterday, that sex with Justin will have her jumping and flying higher than Evel Knievil.

Her heart thumped on overdrive. And for another first time, Sharon wished that the impressive bulge she felt on her hips yesterday wasn't a delusion. Fate never gave him the bald spot or pot belly as she wanted. Hopefully, it was three for three, and Justin had as big a dick as she craved. She never cared about size. Oh but, this time she hoped he had a large cock. Her sex ached for it. To learn the full length and width of him as he plunged into her again and...

Wait. He did know what she meant when she said to take her home right? Oh god. What if that's all that happened tonight?

He must know right? Sharon glanced over at Justin. His rippling frame made her frantic, made her fingers itch to tear his shirt off that very nanosecond.

He smelled of spice, leather and wood, uniquely Justin. And it made her heady and feral with a need so strong she wanted to pull the car over, straddle and take him deep inside her on the side of the expressway.

She didn't mistake the lust in his eyes even when he was taking care of her like a bird with a broken wing. Gentle yet strong, so careful not to move afraid of the slightest bump will cause her pain. Cradled against his chest from other harm.

If Latonya and the fake Uber guy never happened, they'd be in her bed already, tangled in her one thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, slick with sweat.

Oh god, instead of seesawing over won't they do it and imagining how it'd if they did, she'd ask him. Sharon looked out the front window. Woodbridge was one mile away.

How fast was he going?

Either way, she had to clear the air now. She'd be mortified if he really did just drop her off.

"Justin," croaked Sharon.

"Yeah," he replied in a tight voice.

Now that they were close to her home, all her bravado had dried up in her throat. Her lips darted out, licked her lips and tried again. "Y-y-you know. When I said 'take me home' I really meant..."

Before Sharon finished, Justin's right arm shot off the wheel and caressed her thigh. "I know" – his hand crept higher and higher until it reached her core – "I can smell you. It's been driving me insane but I wanted to hold back til we got to your place."

Hi fingers deftly found her clit and rubbed the bundle of nerves through her dress. A ribbon of desire stronger than what she felt so far zinged through her chest to connect with his hand. It felt so good, too good. Sharon spread her legs and arched her back, giving him access to more, when he stopped. Taking away with him his strong, heavenly fingers.

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