Chapter 7

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Was she flirting? No, no, she couldn't be! And not with Justin Boyd.

Sharon had no idea what came over her. She should be mad after what he put her through during school. She pulled away and attacked her pasta with gusto as she berated herself.

He might be less than the boy she remembered but one thing definitely hasn't changed. Justin Boyd the man was ever the same charming bastard as Justin Boyd the boy. Only he, with his closeness and that damn smile of his can make her woman parts sit up, pant and beg for a treat when she had every reason to push him into a meat grinder and grind him into paste.

And why did he have to look so fine. When she first realized he was standing by their table she nearly choked on her drink. His presence did more than surprise her. It was the way he looked in his shirt and tie and slacks. The shirt, a pale blue, wasn't as fitted as the one he wore to his session, but it still failed to hide his bulging biceps. The pants were a fail too as she could tell they hid powerful, muscular thighs. He probably even had a 'V' sexier than the little bit D'Angelo showed in his video. Her mouth watered at the thought and she itched to rip off his multi-colored plaid tie, tie him up and tear off his clothes to find out for herself.

When she finally came to her senses Sharon nearly died in embarrassment. She might as well been sitting in his lap she was. And it all happened in front of Casey too.

What did he think of her? She hadn't dared to look him in the face to find out.

Oh god, what did she do to deserve this?

And how, how was it that two of the men who have changed her life in the most horrible and drastic ways were before her at the same time?

And what was she thinking inviting Justin to join them. She wasn't thinking that's what. Sharon thought she could use him to somehow stop any more wedding talk.

But why did her body have to shiver like that when he wrapped his arm around her waist?

Her left hip still tingled like a slow burn from his touch. She could recall perfectly the warmth that spread like a blaze when he squeezed her waist and pulled her closer. And like the foolish moth, she hadn't fought to get away.

She didn't want to. Sharon cringed over her reaction. The man was a flame, so different from Casey. Where he made her feel calm, Justin had her hot, bothered and flustered. And until today, Casey had never hurt him with his words. But Justin, with his foul mouth and wanting revenge for something she couldn't remember ever doing something to him, made her into a leper. Not even the outcasts wanted to be her friends.

It'd gotten so bad she even started to question if the rumors were true. What if she did went that way?

And now here she was lusting after the man who turned her world upside down when she was nine years old? Kim was right, again. It's been too long and her body had needs to be met. Casey hadn't been available for months and now she knew why. Justin was definitely out of the question no matter how her body responded to him. Maybe she should go ahead and dust off the vibrator Kim gave her last Christmas.

"Sharon," prodded the soft voice.

"What?" Startled from her internal scolding Sharon tore her gaze away from her meal. Her gaze landed first on Casey, whose face was less lined with anger but still slightly suspicious. Then moved to Barbara who repeated her question to Sharon's horror.

"You two were school sweethearts right?"

Oh, my god. This woman has lost her damn mind, thought Sharon as her mouth dropped open in shock. No she must live on the corner of Soap Opera Drive and La-La Lane.

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