Sharon never thought it possible but her heart dashed and scattered like ash when she immediately spotted Casey and his fiancee seated in the middle of the restaurant. Looking all cozy and as if they were the only two people there, if you believe the cliche. She felt like a voyeur but nothing about the situation was enjoyable. Even less so when the pale as chalk woman with banshee hair leaned over and repeatedly brushed her lips against her man's mouth.

The bitch! Why not pee on him!

Sharon thought herself a reasonable woman. But never had she felt so mad. No livid, boiling red lava rage against someone in her entire life. What were the odds that the scene she was forced to watch was done on purpose?

Ever since she received the wedding invite, her life's been a mess. Now, because she promised Kim, she had to suffer a lunch with the source of her misery. No her curse.

Sharon stealed herself. It'd been more than enough time to move on from Casey. Even though he'd never wanted to get married, he actually found someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She doubted any of the men or any man she'll meet from now on would make her feel anything as close as she felt for him. But she was going to try to get through the next few weeks to the wedding best she could. So far, dating again was her only solution. It was either that or walk over hot coals.

Aware of the stinging burns of her nails biting into her palm, Sharon relaxed and flexed her fingers. And after two deep breaths, she removed her jacket and walked toward their table, chanting inside to her head to smile. Because from the tight feeling of her face, as if she'd had a bad botox job done, Sharon was almost sure her facial muscles weren't working.

She stopped in front of their time, relieved that they hadn't deepened the kiss and were already pulling away from each other. They turned their heads as one to look up at her and Sharon thought it best to get over it. She turned her smile to full wattage, stuck out her hand and said, "Hi, congratulations. I'm-"

"Omigod, you must be Sharon," gushed the woman. She jumped out of her seat, her perfect manicured talons, reached across from her. Before Sharon could run away she was caught in a vice like hug. "I've heard so much about you."

Heard much about her did she?

Well she didn't hear a damn thing about her. That's for sure. Not until she read their wedding invitation. First stealing Casey from her and now she want to act like besties?

Ugh, what am I thinking, thought Sharon. She shook her head and reminded herself that Casey's not hers. He hadn't been for a long time. She has to stop thinking like that, move on and congratulate him.
She can do this. Besides Casey was the one who set up this meeting. All she had to do was be cool, listen what he had to say and be out of there. First half of her promise, and then some, complete.

Sharon disentangled herself as gently as she could. She grasped the woman's shoulders and put some distance between them. "Good things I hope. Barbara, right?"

She straightened her back, let go of the woman, turned and smiled at Casey. Grasping the chair opposite them, Sharon asked as she sat down, "As I was saying. Congrats. Which I could've said over the phone. So why are we meeting in your favorite restaurant?"

Sharon smiled inwardly as Casey's jaw tightened. He'd probably thought she said that on purpose. Oh well, he could think whatever he want. After letting me sit and wait, thinking he might forgive me. Then be together again one day. His discomfort was not her concern. If the didn't want to be reminded of the past, on purpose or not, he shouldn't have the three of them here of all places.

Despite her desire to keep calm, Sharon felt the hot pinpricks behind her eyes as the memory of the last time they came to the Italian restaurant. She willed the tears back but unfortunately wasn't as successful in keeping the source of her near tears at bay.

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