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Justin watched the sedan drive down the street and stop at the red light. Fuck.

Fuck, he said that word more times tonight- the past week – since before Angelisa was born. His back pocket vibrated and he pulled out his iPhone. Speak of the devil he thought when a picture of Terrell popped on the screen. He had no idea where Sharon had gone at first. But he knew she wouldn't have left without Kim. He'd thought Kim was with Terrell. Terrell took his wingman responsibilities very seriously. And keeping Kim out of the picture fell under his priorities. Apparently, Terrell failed.

"Yo man. I'm done for the night. Sharon's-"

"Yeah. Kim says to drive her girl home."

"What?" The club music playing in the background sound like Reggaeton. When he stepped out the club, they were playing an old Nelly song. "Kim's with you?"

Tell Kim not to worry.

Justin wondered for a brief second what she meant by that. But forgotten in the desperation to get her to listen to him. Kim and Terrell were still together. So why did she tell him that? And most importantly, whose car Sharon hopped into?

"I wanna speak to him."

"Damn girl. Can't you wait?"

"Hey Justin. Give it to my girl good-"

My Uber ride is here.

Justin heard them jostling for control the phone but he'd already ended the call as he ran after the car. Whatever Kim wanted to say, Terrell will fill him in later. What mattered most was getting to Sharon.

The sedan didn't have an Uber sticker on it.

He ran the rest of the way and the light turned green. Before the car drove off, Justin wrenched the back door opened so wide, it creaked as if in protest not to tear it clean off. Startled brown eyes stared up at him. He glanced away and narrowed his eyes at the driver.

The fake Uber driver had curly dark hair and a full beard. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties to thirties. He had a slight tan but Justin couldn't tell his ethnicity. The man could easily been from the area or a tourist.

He ignored Sharon's blustering and focused his anger at the motherfucker, who by now was sweating like he was in a sweat lodge. "You want me to call the cops?"

The man shook his head no. "Thought not. Next time, tell the person they got it wrong. You got me?"

"Sharon, get out the car," said in a voice barely holding the lid to his anger. He kept his eyes on the driver to make sure he didn't try anything stupid like race off and dragging him a few feet. Plus he was afraid he'll take out his anger and fear on Sharon. Because he was afraid. He didn't even want to think what might've happened if Terrell didn't call him. "Out. Now."

"You can't tell me what to do Justin," she replied. Pushing his hand away, he felt the needles she shot at the back of his head. "I'm going home. Let the driver do his job-"

And with that she blew the lid off sky high. "He ain't fucking Uber!"

Justin didn't give her the time to let the information sink in before he unclipped her seatbelt himself. He pulled her into the safety of his arms and breathed in the scented vanilla of her hair.

"He wasn't Uber?" She mumbled into his chest, her arms wrapping tight around his back, as if to get warm.

She shivered. And Justin put his arms around her, pulling her closer. Careful not to squeeze too hard, he tightened his hold on her. And willed to take all of what pained her tonight unto his shoulders. He'll be her Atlas just to see her smile again. He'll be her Superman too so she can feel safe again.

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