"Girl, you need a drink," came the blunt response over the speakerphone.

Sharon rolled her eyes as she forked another bite of the frozen lasagna she nuked for lunch. Kim had never been known to hold back. But she always tell you what you needed to hear even when you didn't want to.

Justin showing up out of the blue as a potential patient threw her for a loop. After the week she's had, Sharon saw him for what he was. The proverbial straw. And if she didn't or couldn't talk about it with her best friend she was going to go crazy.

Technically, she shouldn't talk about Justin because of doctor patient relationship. But do they have one when it looked like he had no intention of ever being her patient?

"No seriously," continued Kim. "After a week like that I'd be going to sleep with a glass of wine every night. Hell I'd start making my own. You know become my own Bacchus...ooh I like that."

Sharon chuckled. "Found another name for your future club? How long is your list now?"

"Long. And don't try to distract me."

"I wasn't." Yes she was. Sharon didn't know why she called but she needed to vent. And if you can't vent to your BFF, who else you can talk to? Plus, she still haven't told Kim about the cursed wedding invitation. The jinx that started it all.

"Pfft, whatever. So this Justin guy who made school hell for you just showed up. Kinda a Maury reunion moment for ya, huh? How you really feeling?"

"I don't know. Nervous and angry. He didn't even recognize me" Sharon pouted and stab her fork into the now empty tray. She sighed and leaned back into the leather seat. "I don't know."

The line went silent for several seconds that Sharon wondered if Kim heard her. But what Kim said next would have her in a frenzy for the rest of the day.

"He fine aint he?"

"What," blustered Sharon. "How'd you come up with that?"

"Tell me the truth," pressed Kim, her voice a notch higher than before. A hint to her growing excitement. "The boy fine and you upset because he doesn't remember you."

"That's not it. I don't want him to."

"So why does it matter that he doesn't."

"I never said it did-"

"But you mentioned it."

"Kim, you know what I meant-"

"Stop right there."

Sharon sighed in defeat. It'd be better to just let Kim go on with her theories then somehow direct her to the real problem. Should she continue with their sessions given their past relationship although the patient himself was unaware of their shared history.

"I know you. You're never going to realize the truth of things until it hits you in the face. If you did, you would've woken up a long time ago that Casey wasn't the right man for you. Now this Justin guy said something that blew up to alot of nastiness for you."

Sharon remained silent and nodded in agreement.

"Now I'm no expert but I say fifty percent of the time people don't forget and move on from such experiences because one, it was truly vicious and traumatizing. Or two..."

The line went silent again. A clear prompt for Sharon to speak up and gain Kim's profound wisdom.

Sharon steeled herself, took a deep breath and said, "Two?"

"Or two, they've never liked that person anyways." Here she paused and Sharon could almost Kim smiling a smile to make the Cheshire cat proud. "Or on the flipside of the coin, really liked them."

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