It's a guy's night out this chapter and Terrell is dead set in putting as much women in front of Justin's face as possible. Too bad, none of them will do. But the night is still young And date is feeling frisky. ;-D

Damn. Fuck. Damn.

Justin turned around, breathed out a breath in frustration and watched from the corner of his eye, as Sharon jumped out of his arms as if he was some leper.

Worse, his cock was so hard and painful than having blue balls. He'd so badly wanted to be in Sharon. And he knew that she wanted the same. Still, he at least wanted to let her make the choice before they went any further.

Now instead of getting an answer and relief to what he knew they both needed, he was overwhelmed by a tsunami of raging libido and jealousy, battling each other for supremacy as it thundered through his veins.

Who the fuck was Darius?

Justin saw red as something indistinct and foreign clouded his mind. The urge to find this Darious guy- and what kind of fucking name is Darius anyways?- cut him up like Dexter and dump his body in the ocean soon consumed him.

Just the thought of him or any man touching his Sharon...Just shook his head. She wasn't his Sharon. Well, not yet. But if she felt what he'd felt, she'd be exactly where she was meant to soon enough. Underneath him, legs spread wide and screaming his name.

Until then, he'll back off a bit, play nice and back off from the cave man tactics. Though he'd have to admit early man had the right idea. It'd got him one of the most amazing, sizzling kiss of his life.

Justin exhaled slowly, turned around and walked across the room to greet Kim. He watched amused and aroused at Sharon's lips opening and closing, speechless at his approach.

"Hi." Justin held out his hand and tried to stop thinking about her mouth. "I'm Just-"

"Justin Boyd." He shivered at the smile splitting her face and wondered who she reminded him of. This woman couldn't be underestimated at all thought Justin. "Yeah I know."

Oh? Really?

He glanced at Sharon. She looked back at him, all cool and frost, like what happened between them a few minutes ago didn't matter at all. He'd believed it too if her ears weren't a lovely red, like ripe strawberries. A blast of lust punched him in the stomach. He wanted to lick them. Bite them. Find out how loud it'll make her moan. How wet it'll make her. The treasure to making sure she experience the greatest pleasure.

Sharon shuddered and crossed her arms over her chest, hiding her beaded nipples ready to pop twin, tiny holes through her buttoned shirt. Too late, thought Justin with a satisfied smirk. She wasn't as unaffected as she'd pretended to be.

Kim led him and exclaimed over the food he brought. Wary of him Sharon kept her distance by going back to her desk. But Kim sat them both to where she still had full view of them. Him in the middle, in front and directly in Sharon's line of sight. While she sat at the foot of the couch, her head swerving side to side like she was watching a tennis match more intense than Venus versus Serena.

"So." Kim winked at him. "I didn't know you were joining us for lunch."

Sharon mumbled something under her breath but Justin ignored her. He just realized why Kim looked so familiar. It was the smile, wide and showing pretty white teeth, that failed to hide the trickster behind it. He have to tread carefully with this one. Just like bro's over hoe's, he knew women operated by the same code just as fiercely. He had to make a good impression and avoid any future cock blocking. And having her catch him mauling her friend probably put a strike against him.

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