Chapter 16

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**Mature Content**

Justin was awake. Awake and relaxed. Awake, relaxed and hard. For the first time in a long time, he'd actually slept through the night with no nightmares. Or the restless energy that had him out running like a man possessed before dawn.

And all thanks to the nubile deity sleeping on top of his chest as she's bathed in golden light and particles from the morning sun streaming through the bedroom window.

His cock stirred as Sharon's leg caressed his up and down. He stilled, not daring to breathe. He didn't want her wake up just yet. Not when he had a beautiful woman in his arms, who for the first time in a long while, he wanted to keep watching her sleep more than he wanted morning sex. Well, almost.

He looked down at her mussed hair and grinned. She had a serious case of bedhead. He gently ran his fingers through her hair, using his fingers to detangle some of the knotted strands.

Justin still couldn't believe that the insatiable woman on top him was the same cool and detached psychiatrist he was referred to. Who also used to be that little jabbering dream girl he went to school with. In many ways she was just as he remembered. In other ways she wasn't.

Sharon was still a bright, warm and caring person. And as he found last night, a supple nymph who'd ride hide cock like nobody's business. He'd loved to fuck her again but after blowing through both packs of condoms, six total, she had to be a bit sore.

Sharon's leg moved again, the sheet slipping further down her ass, revealing the tattoo on her lower back. Another way she wasn't the same little girl.

It was hot.

He'd never once thought of her as the tattoo type. He had to thank Kim for dragging Sharon into an impromptu weekend at Mardi Gras. Seeing that tramp stamp unleashed something in him. Watching her ass jiggle, with her little butterfly ink fluttering with each thrust as he took her from behind, legs spread wide to take him in deeper and harder, drove him mad.

Concerned that he was hurting her, he tried to reel back and slow down. But the woman had whipped her head around and snarled at him that he better not stop. Well fuck, her wish was his command. And he lost himself in a frenzy of tight, warm pussy and smackable ass.

Never had he wanted to be so deep inside a woman. She was glorious. Sensational. And there was no way in hell that he was done with her. Justin wanted to give it to her so good she'd still feel his cock inside her for days. That she'd always think of him the next time a man took her from behind.

Justin frowned. Now with the sun rising, the thought of another man tasting, licking and fucking Sharon, made him just as uneasy as last night.

They've only met-reunited-a few days ago. And already she'd burrowed underneath his skin. He'd originally wanted to seduce her to get her out of her system. But after coming harder than he'd ever had in his life and talking about their life stories in between the sex...

He was right. Dr. Cooper was a dangerous woman. The kind of woman he needed to fortify his walls against if he didn't want another repeat like his ex-wife.

Justin shook his head. There was no way Sharon was anything like Rosa. But still he'd been burned way too badly to ever let his heart commit to another woman again. And unfortunately, Sharon was a committed type of woman.

Fortunately, Justin only planned to enjoy her for a few nights. For however long it'd take to fuck her out of his system.

Justin continued to finger comb through Sharon's hair when he felt a firm squeeze on his cock. His gaze swiveled to a pair of brown eyes, rich and lustful as melted chocolate, locked on his face. His engorged cock grew hard enough to crack steel as she stroked his shaft up and down. "Awake are we," he hissed.

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